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    SOLD!!! Canon cameras, lenses, and accessories Page 2

    All items SOLD!
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    For Sale Canon G9 and Underwater Housing

    I'm selling an excellent condition Canon G9 with soft case, charger, and 2 batteries along with a Canon WP-DC21 dive housing. The housing is new in box and never used. Price is $125, shipped, CONUS. Please see my signature for other gear I have for sale. This is a great way to get into...
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    SOLD!!! Canon Cameras, Lenses, Accessories

    All Items SOLD
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    For Sale Tec Shorts/Wetsuits

    List updated with remaining wetsuits available.
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    For Sale HOG AL plate, UTD Wing, STAs, weight buckles, belt

    Post updated with items currently available.
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    For Sale Apeks, Aqualung, Sherwood Regulators, DIN-yoke adptrs

    Post updated with the 3 regs that are available.
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    For Sale Tec Shorts/Wetsuits

    All tec shorts are sold, but remaining wetsuits as listed are available.
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    For Sale Tank Bands, Stage Rigging, accessories

    Sold items have been removed from the listing.
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    Masks, Fins, and Snorkels

    Post updated after some items have sold.
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    For Sale Tank Bands, Stage Rigging, accessories

    Selling the following items for a dive buddy who has gotten out of diving. Please PM me the item # you are interested in and your zip code for a shipping quote. See the additional listings in my signature for other dive gear for sale. #69 Webbing stage rigging w/ brass clips up to 5” cylinder...
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    For Sale Tec Shorts/Wetsuits

    Listing updated as a several items have sold.
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    For Sale Perdix, Suunto, Aqualung Computers, Analyzers

    Post updated as some items have sold. Listing is what I currently have available.
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    For Sale Tec Shorts/Wetsuits

    Sorry,the Apeks shorts are sold.
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