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Certification Agencies
Dive History
St. Lucia (discover Scuba) ('05), Curacao ('07), Lake Rawlings VA, Myrtle Beach, SC, Lake Millbrook VA, Hyde's Quarry, MD, Bainbridge Quarry, PA, Little Cayman/Cayman Brac ('08), Roatan ('09), Cozumel ('09), Dutch Springs PA, Hyde's Quarry, MD, Morehead City, NC, Wilmington, NC, Mayaguana Bahamas ('10), Pompano Beach FL ('10), Palau/Yap ('11), Belize ('11), Bonaire ('12), Cayman Is. ('12), Carolina Beach, NC, Belize ('13), Cayman Is. ('14), Pompano Beach, FL ('14), Turks & Caicos ('15), Carolina Beach, NC ('15), Pompano Beach, FL ('15), Cayman Is. ('16), Key Largo ('17), Cozumel ('17), Grand Bahamas ('18), Egypt ('19)
Certification History
Open Water (7/07), Advanced Open Water (7/07), Equip. Specialist (8/07) , Nitrox (3/08), Drysuit (5/08), EFR (5/09), Rescue 7/09, DAN O2 (4/10), PADI Divemaster (5/10), UTD Essentials of Tech (7/13), UTD Divemaster (07/15), UTD Tech 1 (9/15), UTD OHP (10/17)
Certification Level
Divemaster/UTD Tec 1
# of dives
500 - 999
Dive Classification
Technical Diver
Years Certified
Ten Or More Years
Dive Equipment
Promate Mask, Apeks XTX 50 DS4 Regs, Shearwater Perdix, Suunto Vytec DS, DSS SS Backplate/ LCD30, Torus 49 Wings, UTD Alpha/Delta wings, Bare Velocity Wetsuits, H20dyssey 5mil boots, Seasoft Stealth boots, Jet Fins, UTD Precision Fins, Pinnacle Freedom Drysuit, Rock Boots, Big Blue dive lights
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