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    Servicing your own regulators

    Great discussion! If it would be useful to anyone, I have access to instructional design and training delivery expertise, as well as training space with projectors, etc. in Stafford, Va once COVID is under control.
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    Beginners Guide To BP/W

    I need about 6-8 lbs, which I’ve always carried in the weight belt. For trim, I could stand it being a little closer to my head, but it’s not bad as-is. I’ve never had to ditch, but learned the belt drop and have practiced both belt and rig removal and replacement underwater. This is cleverer...
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    Beginners Guide To BP/W

    I’ve always dove my bp/w with the soft weight belt I purchased for my OW course because if it ain’t broke... Still, that’s a lot of material and bulk for ~6 lbs wet. Renting hard weight belts on vacation, I’ve found that they also feel more secure to me and I was leaning toward replacing my old...
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    How to Replace Backplate Harness Webbing

    Were you able to find stiffer orange webbing anywhere? I have 2” heavy duty webbing in orange from Strapworks for my weight belt; it’s pretty stiff for what it is, but only due to its thickness since it doesn’t have resin. Not sure if it would stand up to longer use on a backplate.
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    Username Change Requests

    Can my name be changed to Pumpkin King? Thanks!
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    Critter ID help

    Nemaster grandis, a crinoid commonly known as the black-and-white feather star.
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    UWLD for mid-Atlantic diving?

    I’ve been reading threads here and saving for a canister light. Most of my diving will be mid-Atlantic quarries, rivers, and ocean diving on recreational OC, but I don’t have a good idea of the lumens required in these environments. I have read the advice here and listened to others who...
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    GUE Fundies Class Book

    I ordered my copy December 2, and received a prompt response telling me that it would be out of stock for an unknown amount of time; "hopefully about two weeks". Guess not, huh?
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    Helium Shortage

    This is scientific alarmism at its finest. WUSTL is revered and releases like this gain credibility in the minds of the people because of it's association with 'so many' Nobel Prize awardees. It's a private university that focuses on research in all of it's colleges. The Nobel Prize is...
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    DIR and/or Hog not for the Atlantic?

    My thanks as well, Steve. Mike, that course description sounds exactly like what I feel I would like in any advanced training I do in the future. That plus an instructor I liked would be just about ideal, I believe. Everyone else, thanks. Lately I've been doing too much internet diving...
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    DIR and/or Hog not for the Atlantic?

    I put this here because I am a proponent of the Hogarthian rig. That being said, I would also like the DIR outlook on this; particularly the age of some of the information and how it has changed in regards to what is currently being put out by GUE. New Jersey Scuba Diver - Dive Gear &...
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    CSSP map

    maybe an ellipse...
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    Computer vs tables

    Thanks everyone. This thread is really interesting to me. Charlie99- I've enjoyed playing with your flat wheel before, but didn't quite understand where some of it was coming from, never having used the original myself. Now I think I do have a better idea, and will add it to my collection...
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    Computer vs tables

    Theoretical Dive: Wreck in 100'. Planned visits are the hull at 80', the deck at 60', and the bridge at 30'. For ease of calculations, plan for 10 minutes at each site. We also are assuming this is the first dive with no nitrogen buildup to begin with. Dive 1 is using a completely square...
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    Computer vs tables

    Unless I'm wrong, that's all the basic tables track. I'm using the RDP with the repetitive dive table on the back.