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    Suspicious shark sighting - what was it up to?

    I love reading and learning new things on this board. Great picture
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    Diving With Sutures

    I agree, it is more the open wound with pressure applied as you go deeper, nasty infections are no fun, just talk with anyone that has gotten an outer ear infection from diving. And then when you go to the hospital for the repair or treatment, good chance you will pick up a nast staff infection...
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    Your max depth!

    72 feet and vis got to about 3ft, so don't know how deep I would go unless vis is a little better.
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    Found 4 dead Green Turtles on my Dive yesterday

    Great to see the new divers helping to make a difference.
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    Rescue diver, theory vs practice

    I think having the snorkeler keep up with the team is a good idea, Accountability is a problem with trained Emergency personnel and is even harder with non trained personnel. I am glad that you shared this with us, It takes a lot to prepare for and then to be able to deal with this kind of...
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    need more info on TEC 2G..

    Yes it is very strict above 20 fsw. a little more forgiving below that.
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    Just finished my DM today

    Congratulations on your accomplishment!
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    need more info on TEC 2G..

    it will show you deepest depth but does not average that I have found on mine.
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    Weightlifting tip!

    I will give this a try, how much of a weight improvement did you get in you isolation, I would assume that this would work doing different parts of the body during you two week rest from arms you could do core and legs.
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    Pictures Roatan, Honduras

    Great pics, thanks for sharing
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    Using SMB For Backup Flotation

    If you had it attatched to a reel instead of yourself you could use it to ascend, but I would be afraid of hitting the surface like missle if it was attatched to my body.
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    I am a little nervous

    After reading all of the postings on this matter, I was curious if the dislike of the airII is because it is new and different for the older experienced divers. I wonder what the experienced divers said about BC's when they came out, or Octupus or any other changes that have occurred through...
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    Nautical Terms - Test Your Knowledge

    NEXT QUESTION. What is Toe the Line Fall in line.
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