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    Hammer Heads

    we would like to do hammerheads in 2015 and wondered if you could suggest who to go with. its for 4 people. thanks so much
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    Unwanted attention

    Seems a "Martha kassala" single girl never married, would like to send me some ahhhh nice photos of her. Her part of email: hello, it is a pleasure seeing your email at this website ( ) Just interested if anyone else has gotten any of her invites for friendship and such. :dork2:
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    Suunto Cobra Disappointment - looking for a new brand

    I also had a Suunto cobra that I bought in 2007, so nit sure when it was actually made, stopped registering the first 15 foot of water of each dive. Sent it in to be serviced and was told not repairable. If you get 5 years out of the Suunto that is acceptable, well not to me.
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    Divetech or Sunset House?

    I have been to sunset house to shore dive, and it is easy shore diving. Nice set up when I was there, some cruise ship people were also diving for the afternoon. It is a busy place. We has to ask ahead of time for 80 tanks, the norm was smaller. We had abit of a surprise on one dive, the...
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    Post your last gear purchase

    Aquatica set up for my D800 from B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio, thanks Larry c for all your help and of course jean from Aquatica. ---------- Post added April 3rd, 2013 at 02:06 PM ---------- opps, and my husband!!!
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    I have several Ikelite parts for sale that are gently used.

    everyting is listed on ebay now, so paypal away my friends!
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    Best and worst random liveaboard roommate you've had

    Worst:I also had a room mate from hell, she was on the top bunk, so when she came into the cabin late, it was interesting how she managed to get to the bunk and down several times a night to barf. Ahhh, every night. I walked in one evening to the room and found THEM on my bed, kissing up a...
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    How many here Post on Facebook about Scuba Diving?

    I post pictures, and often get info on places to dive and book trips with that info. Look for specials that different business's post, pretty much use it as a tool for scuba diving and trips. I don't use facebook for communicating with family, and am quick to delete some one for posting any...
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    Best Luxury Liveaboard/Dive Location - Help!

    I think Wakotobi would fit the bill for you, wonderful resort and the diving is great.
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    Just got back from palau: report

    sounds like a great place to go, hummm maybe next year.
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    Nikon D90, 3 lenses, housing,2 strobes and lots more

    close the thread on this
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    I have several Ikelite parts for sale that are gently used.

    If you need any close up pics, just let me know.
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    I have several Ikelite parts for sale that are gently used.

    Take 1/2 off the prices below, shipping is paid by you. I willpack very well and ship ups. 5” Prec-5in-Nik-ike mini dome by Precision UnderWater CameraStuff 425.00 includes shade, cover, plugand Modular Dome Port Lock 1-5510.35 Modular - Flat —flat 199.95 1-5510.35 Modular Flat Assembly...
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    Tell me about diving in the Philippines - Atlantis resorts

    alright then, now I know summer is Typhoon season, best time to go is before june. Diving is the priority for me, airfare is cheap right now for May, so will book today.
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    Lembeh Sept 12 - a few photos finally!

    wonderful! where did you stay?