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    Pebble Beach

    Does anyone know if the road has been cleared yet at Pebble Beach? It was under 8 feet of rocks last time I was there.
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    Looking for a Cape Ann Kayak Diving Buddy

    I'll take you up on some kayak diving next spring. I haven't done much in the last couple years since getting a boat I don't have to paddle. The kayak has been in the rafters too long.
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    Dive Sunday

    Anyone up for a dive Sunday? I'm thinking Fort Sewall.
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    Cathedral Rocks, Gloucester

    I'll make that dive with you. It's been a while since I dove Cathedral. Most weekends are good with me.
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    Yes, I vacation dive in the North East

    I would say you pretty you hit the reasons with numbers 1-4. The something else being, because I'm local I can spend alot of time scouting new areas where few if any divers know about.
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    Yes, I vacation dive in the North East

    Enjoyed your video. I've been diving Capeann and The North shore since my teens. There is no place I would rather dive regularly. I always considered myself lucky to grow up so close to the ocean and be able to enjoy the pleasures of boating, fishing, and especially diving Capeann whenever I...
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    Seadoo/Seascooter help

    He's right. I bought a new one a couple of months ago. It's complete garbage. I used it once in the ocean. I gave it to my kids to use in the pool, that's about all it's good for. $700.00 wasted! And mine doesn't even leak.
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    Nubble Lighting Nov 30 2013 Christmas tree dive

    So, how was the lighting?
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    help buying a wetsuit

    You can't go wrong with a Henderson wetsuit. However, diving one year round isn't feasable in my opinion. Yes, you can dive it in the winter, but you will be freezing your but off and I gaurantee your winter dives will be much shorter, almost not worth while beacause you won't be thinking about...
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    Fort Wetherill, Jamestown, RI

    Marine Life Of The North Atlantic by Andrew Martinez. I would say it's the best field guide for the area. If you want to identify something you saw diving in New England, it's in this book. Marine Life of the North Atlantic: Canada to Cape May: Andrew J. Martinez, Candace Storm Martinez...
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    WTB Pony Tamer

    I have one I can sell, only used it once. 30.00 plus shipping.
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    Less than 8 weeks to go until scalloping resumes for me

    I get scuba fever just being out of the water for a couple of days. To remedy it I look for a weather window, take the day off work and go scalloping. Why not, I gotta use my vacation time by March or lose it anyway. This winter has been tough weather wise, I've only been out a handfull of days...
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    Semi-Dry Suits

    I live in Mass and dive capeann all the time. November through June I use a drysuit. Come July through October I use a semi-dry. I like to switch over because I like the feeling of diving wet and I can wear 18lbs pounds instead of 32lbs. Plus it saves wear and tear from the barnacle covered...
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    Drysuit Questions

    I don't think it's alway necessary to take the course. I bought my first drysuit used from the dive shop I frequented back then. I wanted to do what I thought was the right thing and tried to sign up for the course. The owner told me I didn't need to take the course and that he would take me to...
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    Kayak Dive to The USS New Hampshire 10-14-12

    Hi Jim, I didn't get out to the NH on the 14th as planned, the weather was not cooperative. I did dive it from a kayak in the spring and it was good diving, enough to make me want to dive it again. It's about a half mile paddle from Whites Beach. Of course the best time to park there is the off...
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