Dedicated Dive Bum, Adventurer, Learner, Lionfish Assassin, Spotter, Identifier, Photographer
December 4
A half-mile norte del Centro, Cozumel, Mx.
Certification Agencies
LaRotunda, some chick whose name I've lost, Mike, Bruce, Sharon, Memo, countless great buds and DMs
Dive History
Currently having another love affair with Cozumel, June 2012 to present.
Galapagos, February 2020
Anilao, Komodo May 2019
Little Cayman, August 2018
CZM Thanksgiving 09, March, June/July 2010, and random visits until June 2012.
T&C Explorer II for Christmas, 09
Roatan in April.
CZM in July.
Grenada in February or June....
First time in Grand Turk last June. Went back to TCI for Christmas.
Returned to Curacao in April. I'm back to taking UW photos and video.
Let's see. Been to Dominica, Tobago, Roatan, Guanaja, Negril, all the Caymans, La Paz and La Bufadora, Baja CA, Puerto Rico (Mona, Rincon, Desecheo, La Parguera, Culebra, Vieques, Fajardo), US and British Virgin Islands, Bonaire, Channel Islands CA, Victoria BC, land and live-aboard Bahamas, Emerald and Gold Coasts, FL Keys and springs, Big Island Hawaii, Georgia coast, a few lakes and quarries...
Certification History
OW and Adv 1991
Night 1992,
Naturalist and Equipment 1993
Rescue but my First Aid was out of date, so I didn't get the card. (I know... likely story...)
Nitrox 2006
I know there are more, but I have parted ways with several badges. Only need one stinking badge, right?
Certification Level
Dive Warrior of Many Battles
# of dives
2500 - 4999
Dive Classification
Experienced Diver
Years Certified
Ten Or More Years
Dive Equipment
ScubaPro MK25T reg, BPW, lovely Mares Power Quattros full-foot and Mares Quattros open-heel
R.I.P. Reeflex Fins
Shearwater Perdix,
XS Scuba Mask
Random snorkels that I don't wear diving
Safety sausage (and line that Aristeo gave me)
Various lights, diopter, lures...
Data (from Star Trek TNG) permanent dive buddy
Folding titanium knife and shears
Couple of lionfish spears and a stringer or two
Can we tell I'd rather be diving than typing?
Diving Rebreathers Since


Sallye (away) from Atlanta, Sirena Asesina
WHLA's Killer of Cozumel
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain.
Narc'd is good. Bends is bad. - Angel's shirt.
Why join the navy when you can be a pirate? - Steve Jobs 1955-2011
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