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    Gear for sale.

    Time to sell a couple of things. I have an unused older model halcyon 4.5 ft SMB asking $75 An unused OMS Larry Green wing 50lbs lift. Asking $150 Gently loved Medium R&B diving mid weight dry suit under garments. Asking $75 Used suunto pressure gauge, compass with sea quest depth gauge...
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    Wife will not let me dive without a dive master..

    Become a DM so you will always have a DM to dive with. :-)
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    multiple tanks, doubles, stages, singles

    I'll take the Luxfer dorm after 1990, and the din valve. Contact me about pick up.
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    WTS Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 and Ikelite Housing

    Bump, last chance or it goes of fleabay.
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    Best Nitrox Mix/ Profile at 100'

    If you are feeling lucky and are willing to push your ppo2 then you might be willing to push your NDL. Just skip that pesky 20ft stop, lots of people skip deco and are fine. ****Disclaimer****. I take no responsibility for anyone following this bad advice.
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    How do you fund your diving?

    I just write checks, I don't actually have money.
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    Favorite cave?

    At Wes Skiles Park, I like. p3 the most followed by P1 then Orange Grove. I have yet to do P2.
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    Buy or rent computers?

    Yea, tec divers don't use computers. Sure. There is a market full of tec computers. I would recommend buying a computer if you really want one because there are quite a few places that don't rent them. And a good starter nitrox computer can be had for cheap.
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    What PSI can you breath a tank down to?

    That reminds me of a quote; I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Name that movie for a gold star.
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    refunding deposit for canceled trip

    They are running a business not a charity. Making a living in the dive charter business is hard, I have seen too many boats go out of business because they can't cover cost and take home enough money to feed their families. As a customer some times you gotta take a big bite of a **** sandwich...
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    Diving Air vs Nitrox

    Every shop I have got Nitrox from has had on O2 analyzer. Shoot shops that sell tri-mix have had the combo He&O2 analyzer. And in the whole scheme dive gear an O2 analyzer is pretty cheap.
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    Is there a standard "Emergency" signal?

    Just pack a sola flair. That will get some attention.
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