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    Belize Aggressor 3, Feb 26- March 5, 2022/ $2022 Female share

    Is this still available? Let me go to the Aggressor site and check it out. I'm starting to plan my 2022 diving and Belize is on my list of possibles. :)
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    Kona trip in four days- Dive op or stick to Shore?

    Has Kona Diving Company fixed their boat? It was broken last week (or the week before) and they were placing customers on the boats of other shops. Pacific Rim has a night reef dive listed on their website as on request as well. Looks like Pacific Rim, Kona Honu and KDC may be the only options...
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    Kona trip in four days- Dive op or stick to Shore?

    Call Big Island Divers or Aquatic Life. See if either of them is running a Long Range or Advanced. Especially a Long Range. The advantage of the Advanced or Long Range boats is that they have no students on them. So, even if you are with a dive master and certified divers in your group, the...
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    SSI/ PADI Crossover Questions

    Oh. Shoot. I thought you were saying they recognized until DM and Instructor. I misunderstood your post. Time to keep searching for information! :)
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    SSI/ PADI Crossover Questions

    So...SSI and PADI do not recognize DM or instructors across agencies? That's good to know. I'm searching the threads looking for an answer to that question right now as I consider getting my DM. I've had my PADI certifications since 1994. It would be a pain to change agencies now.
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    Excellent driver in Hurghada

    It was $60 US - a little less than half of what Aggressor was going to charge for the trip. I paid a bit more for the return because there were two of us.
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    extra scuba days before/after liveaboard trip

    I just did three weeks and three liveaboards in Egypt. Got home last night. The BDE trip was good, but I did the reefs and wrecks northern route twice. I wanted to head down to St John's, but couldn't find a boat I liked that worked with my schedule. The northern sites had more fish and coral...
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    Excellent driver in Hurghada

    You are welcome. Two other people I know used him on my recommendation while I was there and thought he was wonderful. When you find someone great, it's good to share their information. :)
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    Excellent driver in Hurghada

    I'm headed home from three weeks in Egypt and want to share the contact information of my exceptional driver. His name is Ahmed. WhatsApp: +20 106 433 5668 Private Taxi Hurghada Email: He was amazing. He met me at the airport (with a placard with my name and...
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    March 2021 Roll Call

    They didn't have availability for my 10 day trip, so we're at ScubaClub
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    March 2021 Roll Call

    I'll be there with my partner 3/18 - 3/27 at ScubaClub Lots of us going to be there! Hope to see some of you. :)
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    Egypt Liveaboard: which and where??

    I am going on the Aggressor III on April 24 (BDE) and the Aggressor II (Northern Red Sea, Ras Mohamed, Straits of Tiran) on May 1st. Dependent, of course, on whether or not the trips get confirmed. I'll give a trip report when I get back if you'd like.
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    Availability of testing in Hurghada

    A According to their Facebook page they are offering an antigen test for people traveling back to their home countries. "SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19) antigen test For traveling Official Report Accepted for : Poland, Germany, UK, USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria Results : Within 30 minutes...
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    Soma Bay or Makadi Bay, Egypt?

    Thank you for the clarification. I thought it was extremely odd being as Egypt is in Africa. To me, the wording was not clear at all.
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