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    Catalina Island death info?

    No problem. I feel that I should wait for his autopsy results and his funeral this weekend before I give more details though. I can say that I had known the diver personally for the last 20 years (he was like my brother), and I'm feeling some guilt that I wasn't with him personally when it...
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    Catalina Island death info?

    For the record, his eyes were not protruding. When I towed him to the boat, his eyes were wide open, his pupils dilated, and lips blue, but no foam/froth. The foam only appeared out of his mouth and nose after we started chest compressions.
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    Catalina Island death info?

    The diver who died this last Saturday had around 35 dives under his belt and had just completed his PADI Advanced Open Water cert 3 weeks prior. He was diving the north edge of Eagle Reef at around 40fsw when the incident happened. As soon as they surfaced, we jumped in, towed him to the boat...
  4. My 11 yeay old SDI certified son

    My 11 yeay old SDI certified son

  5. Emerald Bay Halibut

    Emerald Bay Halibut

  6. Monster Goat

    Monster Goat

  7. Santa Barbara Island Sheephead

    Santa Barbara Island Sheephead

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    OK, 'fess up.... the Dark Side of Solo...

    I like that idea!!! I could see some nice pelagics coming in on that:rocker:
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    OK, 'fess up.... the Dark Side of Solo...

    I spearfish alot, so the last thing I need is some knucklehead scaring away my catch.
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    dive computer with integrated compass

    I just ordered a Vyper Air, and will see how good the compass is in that. My buddy is ordering the Atomic Cobalt as soon as it comes out. He demo'd one in Mexico a couple of months ago, and said it had the best compass he's ever used.
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    Where did you dive today?

    I swan Crate Lake last summer, and one of the park guys told me I could bribe him into running my scuba gear down that trail on their tractor:D (after I was already down there). Maybe next time I'm up there. Do you ever dive Clear Lake up in Santiam?? I dove it in a 3mil wetsuit!! I know I'm...
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    Opening night !!!

    You need a fishing license and a lobster report card.
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    Where did you dive today?

    Yesterday @ Lake Mohave. 1st dive, Mile Marker 12, max depth 64', duration 82 minutes, average water temp 73F, vis was a crappy 30' (algae bloomed last weekend). 2nd dive, Gasoline Alley and main channel, max depth 52', duration 94 minutes, average water temp 74F, vis was 10'-20' (lots of boat...
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    New Diver Lobster Diving

    Once you get more dives under your belt, I'd give The Great Escape a call ( They're docked in San Pedro harbor. I've had a great time on their trips to Catalina and such. As a matter of fact, I'm going to be on that vessel for season opener in 12 days. It is very easy to lose track...
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    Opening night !!!

    Only a couple weeks!! I'm ready for some bug diving for sure!!
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