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    Places with little to no current

    Has he considered getting a dive scooter? A proper one not one of the cheap toys.
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    USN decompression 30fsw/9m with 100% O2

    This thread is fascinating, several really good posts. A valuable discussion even though the topic has strayed a few times. I wish knew more about O2 toxicity. This has some of the best information I've found...
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    USN decompression 30fsw/9m with 100% O2

    Tangential question for the hardhat divers / medical folks - I know that humans seem to inexplicably tolerate far higher PO2's in dry chambers than on wet dives. Is that also true for hardhat dives?
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    What happened to The Pub?

    Seeing it even if logged out though. And I'm pretty sure I'm not opted into the pub anymore. Tis a very silly place.
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    What happened to The Pub?

    Excuse me if this is known/addressed, haven't been following all the upgrade threads. But it looks like "pub" posts are popping up in the "new posts" feed which they probably shouldn't.
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    How long is it safe to store a steel tank empty

    Even if there is a little bit of rust (which is unlikely unless it's sitting on a salt water dock or something) it's no big deal to clean up surface rust inside a tank. A piece of tape over the top can keep crap out.
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    Got bent, preferred IWR to my local chamber

    Just run a more conservative gradient factor, GFs exist for that purpose and achieve the same thing.
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    Got bent, preferred IWR to my local chamber

    Thank you for sharing. Sad to hear the chamber in your country is so... questionable. I agree with all the posters recommending that in future suspected DCS hits you and everyone else should act fast without shame, get on O2, call DAN. Even if you're not a member DAN will advise you!! Acting...
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    Extremely BAD News: Dutch Springs likely closing permanently ...

    delicious multiple meanings in this sentence, good post
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    Searching for the best quarry dive in USA

    List is good but what we really need is a spreadsheet with columns for depth, average viz, temps, number/quality of wrecks... Dutch is the only (legal) quarry I've done, curious how it stacks up against the others. I imagine they're mostly similar.
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    Dive Club coming to Netflix

    Good. Maybe they'll post videos that inspire an interest in diving and ocean conservation in even more people. Several companies make really awesome housings to use phones for underwater photography now. Someone (dammit blanking on his name) gave an awesome presentation at the last Boston Sea...
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    Dive Club coming to Netflix

    Maybe the show gets a few kids interested in diving.
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    Benchtop Vise Recomendations- split out from Regulator Service Technician Training - Unrestricted

    Beware of the casting quality of those very cheap chinese-made vises. Some might be fine, others might have voids in the castings or just bad metallurgy and will snap in half. Seen it happen.
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    What's the advantage of fins like these:

    It would be neat if Bob make a big heavy tech style frog kicking jet-knockoff out of that tough urethane material in America. Might buy even if overpriced.
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    Personal Limits to Solo Diving

    I mentioned my rather conservative personally imposed solo limits earlier in the thread and have generally stuck to them. However, the other day I totally blew those limits doing a 90' solo dive to deal with a f'd anchor.
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