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    Amy Lee, REEF Staff, finalist for DEMA Wave Maker Award

    We are beyond excited to share the news that Amy Lee (REEF's Trips Program and Communications Manager) has been selected by the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) Awards Committee as one of four finalists for the 2019 DEMA Wave Makers Award, an early career award for those making an...
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    Free Fish/Invert ID classes and dives with REEF 9/27-29

    Hi Wnissen, REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project is similar to Reef Check in that it is also a citizen science project. The protocol is a bit different though. You rove around like you normally would on a recreational dive (no transects). You can contribute to the database without having taken a...
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    Free Fish/Invert ID classes and dives with REEF 9/27-29

    Not a dumb question! You'll need to grab a dive buddy and make a reservation on the Point Lobos site. There are costs to get into the park. You should also let us know if you're coming and to which events by registering with REEF here: Join REEF in Monterey Bay 2019! | Reef Environmental...
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    Free Fish/Invert ID classes and dives with REEF 9/27-29

    'Olive' you should come to our special REEF fish and invertebrate ID classes and fun dives Fri - Sun, Sept 27-29 in the Monterey area! Everyone invited, it's free, and we WANT YOU there. Olive you. It's gonna be fun! More details and info here: (that's an Olive...
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    Death in Cocos from shark attack

    I am so sorry to hear this incident happened. What a horrible thing for everyone involved. I really feel for her friends and fiancé and family, as well as the dive operator, divemasters, and fellow trip participants. So far most comments have revolved around "would divers go back there again...
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    Silvery Swimmers - REEF online Fishinar Wed 6/14

    TOMORROW - Wednesday night, 8pm Eastern time, join us for an interactive, online REEF Fishinar on Silvery Swimmers, by Carlos and Allison Estapé! This will cover some of the silvery fish found in our Tropical Western Atlantic region, including the Caribbean and Florida. More info, and register...
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    Join in the fun: Great Annual Fish Count - July 2016

    Will your club, group or shop be hosting a Great Annual Fish Count ID class or survey dives in June / July? If so, let's get your event on the GAFC calendar! The GAFC website has been revamped, and you'll find all the info here: GAFC Home - Great Annual Fish Count - Reef Environmental Education...
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    REEF Fishinars for the Philippines

    This week! Two REEF Fishinars for your Philippines pre-trip learning. See you there! - Janna
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    REEF Fishinars for the Philippines

    Haha, yeah, the time difference can matter! So the answer is yes, definitely, we record all our Fishinars, and barring some disaster and hoping the technology gods are in our favor, the recording will turn out! I usually post the recorded version on our Archives page...
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    New England Divers - Brush up on your Fish and Invertebrate ID skills online!

    Heads up New England divers! Learn or refresh your skills on how to identify what you're looking at underwater in TWO online webinars next week. They're free. They're fun. And everyone's welcome! More details and signup here:
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    Turks and Caicos Fishinar!

    Everyone is invited to join us online for another free "Fishinar" :yeahbaby:- a webinar about fish! In this one you'll learn about some of the less often seen fish in the Caribbean, and how to identify them. Jonathan Lavan will be your instructor for this one. :dance3: It's free, it's...
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    Canon Rebel SL1

    It's not bad, but it's definitely a learning curve for me! One of the sacrifices you make with a small body is many of the physical controls available on a larger camera are missing and accessible via menu only. They make it easy with a touch screen, and you can hit the ground running pretty...
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    Canon Rebel SL1

    I also got the same setup as you did! Only mind DID include the "REMOVE EYECUP FIRST" paper. Been pretty happy with it! Not too bulky, sturdy, easy to care for, etc. I just got back from Fiji and got some pretty good shots with it. Here's a sample - Canon Rebel EOS SL1, Ikelite housing, Ikelite...
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    Swimming in the Deep End: Fishinar Jan 20th

    Don't be shallow - think deep thoughts! Join us for our first REEF online Fishinar of 2015. Tuesday, January 20th at 8pm Eastern time. (one hour long) Carlos and Allison Estape, REEF Volunteer Fish Geeks of the Highest Order :geek:, will be your instructors. They'll be covering the fish you're...
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    Ikelite Canon SL1 test in the Red Sea

    After over 6 years of shooting with the Canon G9 in an Ikelite housing, I've finally made the jump to this new camera and setup. Will be using my DS-51 strobes with it. Can't wait to try it out! Your results look fantastic.
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