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    FS: Explorer Sport Rebreather

    Unit is new, never used, but has been on display in the store. The scrubber was packed but never dove. The sensors are expired and not included but the cylinder is full of 32% nitrox and included. Price is $3750 including shipping within the USA. Contact me for photos or with questions at...
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    Display model regs for sale

    Atomic B2 Sold. Everything else reduced another $10 Last round before things go off to EBAY. Remember, prices include shipping in the US and paypal. Tusa RS-460 yoke $200 Aeris A2 yoke $130 Aqualung calypso yoke $130 Aqualung Titan yoke $130 Aqualung Titan LX DIN $205 Poseidon Xtreme...
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    Display model regs for sale

    Bump, Take $10 off the original prices
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    Display model regs for sale

    A variety of regulators from tusa, aqualung, atomic. All have been on display at least 2 years. They show normal signs of handling but have never been used underwater. No boxes or paperwork are guaranteed available but some regs will have some/all. I can guarantee no warrantee but I will...
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    Waterproof 7mm W1 Med+ and Lrg

    Bump, $225 These are NEW, never peed in or submerged.
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    Aeris Atmos XL

    Bump, $225 plus shipping/paypal fees
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    Aqualung Legend

    Bump, $300 including shipping if you cover PayPal fees or send payment as a "gift"
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    New Light Monkey 10-21 Sidemount

    This model has been on display for a year. It's new and works perfectly. Comes with packaging. Price is $800 including shipping and PayPal fees
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    Aqualung Legend

    New, display model, DIN, no packaging included. Environmentally sealed first stage. $350, including shipping if you cover PayPal fees or send payment as a "gift"
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    Aeris Atmos XL

    Brand new, tags still on it. $275, including shipping if you cover PayPal fees or send payment as a "gift"
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    Waterproof 7mm W1 Med+ and Lrg

    Two wetsuits, brand new, never used w/ tags, FRONT ZIP 7mm mens. Medium+ and a stock Large. $250 each, Send payment as a "gift" or cover paypal fees and I will cover shipping.
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    FS: Double Faber OMS LP112's with bands/manifold

    Like the title says, like new set of Faber manufactured 2400psi 112cuft cylinders sold through OMS. Includes OMS bands and manifold. Set is like new inside and out and will be supplied with a brand new hydro. Original manufacture date was 2004. They have been used in a store to display BP/w and...
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    Luxfer Aluminum 30's made prior to 2007

    I am helping someone find 3 yellow Luxfer Aluminum 30cuft cylinders. We are looking for the ones that were 22 inches tall NOT 19in tall. This is measurement w/o valve. These were made up until at least 2007 as we have one from then. Service pressure is 3000psi. Exterior condition is not...
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    Aeris Ion AT600 Regs

    2 first stages and 2 second stages, used on one trip at CCR bailout regulators. Does not include hoses/SPG/etc just the bare regulators. $250 each or $450 for all 4 stages. Pictures available by request.
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    Moving Sale Regulators, Computers, Rebreather, cylinders, Full Face Mask, fins, etc

    I'm a cave/technical diver, my brother and sister inlaw are open water divers. I have picked up WAY to much gear in the past few years, some for them, and I am attempting to raise money to move. Most is NEW and unused, usually with the box, unless otherwise noted: 1. Suunto Zoop Computer...
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