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    Odd Buddies?

    I usually only dive at night in Laguna for Lobster. I dive with my brother and my friend but we kinda just enter the water together then leave the water when we suck our tanks dry.
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    Dive related Tattoos.

    Charcarodon charcarias on my back. Gonna get some Ernst Haeckle drawings and a Octupus Dofleini on my left arm starting next January.
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    Commercial Diver School?

    I graduated College of Oceaneering just before it got bought out by national poytechic university but broke almost everybone in my body shortly thereafter and now Im finishing my BA. Thought it was allright, just remember, you dont start work as a diver, you start as a tender yanking some guys...
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    hunting bugs on shore dives

    I second that. I like to dive for bugs, but it comes second to having an enjoyable dive (bugs just make it better). Midweek Winter night dives after work are up there in my alltime most enjoyable dives. We usually hit the water at about 10:00, get finished before midnight and hit the local...
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    SoCal lobster hunting "primer" video - Only 2 weeks 'till the season starts!

    I wonder what lobster eggs taste like? just kidding. but really, I wonder.
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    hunting bugs on shore dives

    They are called secret spots for a reason.
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    Another Great White at Monterey

    I just googled it to see what I would come up with. It does seem ab it exeagerated and dated, but it took alot of orca deaths to advance the husbandry procedures so that they can live longer now. m really curious to how the whale sharks will live, them being plankton consumers. A dive buddy of...
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    Another Great White at Monterey

    I cant call myself an expert on orcas but my professor is and thats where I heard it first. He said that they will never tell you that the orcas lifespan is reduced considerably by living in captivity. Why do you think that they keep on replenishing the "Shamus". People still think that its...
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    Another Great White at Monterey

    I got to see the great white yesterday!! I was on a trip up to San Fran from OC to do the Alcatraz swim (finished in 58 minutes!!) and stoped by Monterey on the way home, and to my surprize they had a great white. Im a diver at the Aquarium of the Pacific and worked on a research cruise with...
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    Opinions on Beach Cities Scuba

    Bringing up an old post but..DrBill you dont happen to remember if Ken Fairbarn was in you cert class in 69 do you. My dad was certified by ron merker that year. my mom got certified there in 71, me in 99, my bro in 2000, and my sister in 2001. we traided the stuffed marlin there for my brothers...
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    Two-Spot Octopus Video - Catalina Island 07-16-2006

    Sick vid. We play with a few two spot octos about everytime we are at Woods cove buggin at night. They are all over the place once you know how to look for them.
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    Scuba MP3 safe?

    The Life Aquatic. You know the one they play in the sub when they search for the Jaguar shark. I know thats what Im playing when I dive in the Alvin this August. But for SCUBA-I wouldnt mind some music when Im cleaning boats U/W, but that would be definetly be a safety risk (cant hear the...
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    Underwater amusement

    work on your bubble skills
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    Tuna seiner Sharkdivers

    There you go, thanks. now I should be able to find some more good stuff.
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    Tuna seiner Sharkdivers

    I found a little more by searching for Tuna Farming. Check this guy out, he wrangles a giant great white out of a tuna pen crazy dude wrangling a great white
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