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    place to stay in Coron and shops to dive with

    what if you stay on discovery island, is it closer?
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    diving mid april, coron, bohol, malapascua etc. do i need to book in advance?

    hello, i will be in philippines during mid april at malapascua island, bohol, coron and el nido. Will i need to book in advance for scuba diving or can i just book it all then and there?
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    Just over 2 wks in April but unsure where to go?

    my partner and I have flights to Manila booked for just over 2weeks during mid April. Our budget only allows one return flight from Manila and back to one of the islands so Island hopping isn’t possible. I’m tossing up between doing Palawan, starting at Coron and making Our way down to El Nido...
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    Diving and climbing mountain next day?

    The base of the mountain is 3300ft or 1000m. And we would be there around 4am
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    Diving and climbing mountain next day?

    Yeh last dive would be out of water around 11-1130am and probably arrive at base of volcano around 4am next day. I think it's an easy walk not so much a climb so I would say strenuous is the wrong term to be used here
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    Diving and climbing mountain next day?

    So tomorrow I will do two dives in morning around 15m depth average, finishing around 1130am. I was wondering if I could climb a mountain the following day around 4am start climb and the top would be at 5600ft or 1717m. Would this be ok? So it'd be about 16 hours till the start of the climb ?
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    bali diving end of march

    yeh cool we will definitely stay in tulamben for a few nights then. where else would you recommend around bali for diving?
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    bali diving end of march

    my girlfriend and i will be in bali from end of march to mid april for about 10 days and looking to do some diving. Theres so many places to go to so i was just trying to narrow down some options. we will be in gili air from 29-2 april also. what places have good diving that arent too touristy...
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    fiji diving end of dec-jan?

    I've just discovered that the 2015-2016 el nino weather event will affect fiji during this time. With elevated risk for cyclones being forecasted, so fiji is a write off. Vanuatu or new caledonia?
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    Raja Ampat, Komodo, Bunaken, Bali all done - where next in Indo????

    have you been to wakatobi? Dived there about 2 years ago... absolutely amazing reef and within view of the beach still.
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    fiji diving end of dec-jan?

    upon some googling rakiraki seems like the place to go to, out of the two resorts there, wananavu and volivoli, which is better and what are the differences? what are the age ranges of the tourists there?
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    fiji diving end of dec-jan?

    Frosty, Yeh I'm into all sorts of diving and will enjoy whatever fiji has to offer. I was thinking of spending few nights on naigani island and then few nights around pacific harbour. Transport to naigani island seems cheaper than getting to tuveuni or yasawas. But the flight would land at...
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    fiji diving end of dec-jan?

    looking to go to fiji from sydney around end of december till early jan. Wondering if the rain and visibility is a big issue at this time or not really? Was looking at taveuni to dive but the extra flight there would make it too expensive for us. Would beqa lagoon be the best area to dive that...
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    Sony NEX-5 Camera +18-55mm lens + Nauticam housing + Inon z-240 strobe+ inon ucl m67

    I'm selling my full camera and nauticam housing package. I've had this for about just over a year, and I got the housing and camera second hand and the rest all brand new. I've probably taken the kit on about 60 dives, never had any problems, no water leaks. The camera itself can be used with...
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    some questions on doing a divemaster internship in phuket

    I have just come back from a week long holiday in phuket, doing 13 dives with sea bees, and discovering a vastly different country to home i didnt want to leave. I am only 21 years old and working full time, i feel like i would be missing out in life if i were to stick to being in australia...
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