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    East Coast in early July - where to dive

    Hi Tara, sorry I misunderstood and thought you had snorkelled in Sri Lanka on your last trip. I think overall Caribbean reefs have much less coral cover than those in the Indo-Pacific although many reefs in the latter have also been severely impacted by coral bleaching. This is the case on...
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    Sri Lanka

    Bit late but chiming in just in case. Diving in the southwest, and all around Sri Lanka is decent but not spectacular. You will not have the colour and marine life of Indo or Phils, or the pelagic action of the Maldives. If there is something unique then its wreck diving and for this Colombo...
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    East Coast in early July - where to dive

    Where did you snorkel and when? Reefs arounds Sri Lanka have beeen very badly impacted by coral bleaching. There is some good diving a bit deeper on rocky reefs and wrecks. On the east coast there are some decent coral reefs with reasonably healthy coral cover. The best known is Pigeon Island...
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    Safari add on to Maldives Trip

    The two parks that most operators visit in Sri Lanka are Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park. Both are nice in their own way. Yala is the more popular park with more frequent animal sightings. Wilpattu has has more scrub forest and woodland so you tend to see less animals but when you...
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    East Coast in early July - where to dive

    Pasikudah options are limited. Much quieter than Trinco. I would recommend going to Trinco and if you have time plan a day or two in Pasikudah. The British Sergeant is the best recreational wreck on the east coast. I spend a lot of time there doing reef research so feel free to check in on...
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    East Coast in early July - where to dive

    July is technically east coast dive season but can be quite windy. Expect viz around 10m. Mostly shallow coral and rock reefs with a few deeper sites. Fairly easy diving, with the usual reef fish and a mix of hard and soft corals. You will find more coral than in the south, and interesting macro...
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    Just found out I have to go to India for work

    How long do you want to spend on vacation? The Maldives is not as expensive as people make it out to be, and you can do a week in a decent resort for 2 pax under 4k. Just note that resort diving and activities are usually expensive so check prices and do a budget depending on how many days of...
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    Puerto galera vs anywhere in Sri Lanka!

    Sri Lanka is nice for wrecks. Either Colombo or the Batticaloa District in the east depending on season. Lots of fish, and nice corals on the older wrecks. If reef diving / macro photography / pelagics are your thing then Philippines is by far the better option. SL has nothing special in terms...
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    Need advice for galle, sri Lankan diving

    I would say 6-8 hrs from Galle to Trincomalee depending on time of day and traffic. Train will be slower. There is a flight from CMB to Trincomalee. Helitours is quite affordable but limited flights and times. Cinnamon Air has daily flights but very expensive. There are no liveaboards in Sri...
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    Need advice for galle, sri Lankan diving

    Dive centers on the southwest will be closed in June due to monsoon season. It can get quite rough and viz is often very bad (<3m). Most dive centers operate on the east coast, primarily in Trincomalee. Its also the easiest to access, but still 6hrs from CMB by road. We are still waiting for the...
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    Beginner diving in Maldives

    Maldives probably has the best diving in the region but as others mentioned its best to do as liveaboard. Local islands can be a less costly option. The diving is still good and they will dive some sites with less currents (although the big fish action is in sites more exposed to currents)...
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    Sri Lanka December

    East has mostly shallow reef diving with some slopes and pinnacles around Trincomalee. There is some nice reef and wreck diving around Pasikudah but not many dive operators. Batticaloa and further southeast has nice diving including the HMS Hermes and other WWII wrecks but they are deep tec...
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    Sri Lanka - diving with whales in Mirissa

    Snorkeling and diving with whales is currently prohibited in Sri Lanka. Special expedition permits are sometimes issued for small, high end groups and film crews. There are many local operators running snorkeling trips but these are technically not licensed and are illegal. While my personal...
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    Wreck diving Sri Lanka. Where to stay?

    Sent you a PM with some info.
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    Wreck diving Sri Lanka. Where to stay?

    There is only one dedicated dive operation running daily trips to the wrecks in CMB, but you can book ahead and plan your wreck dives. Commuting back and forth is not advisable. Trains are usually on time but its just tiring and time consuming. Hikkaduwa is about 2.5hrs by train but with the...
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