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    Canon G1 X

    As an enthusiastic amateur I've been using the G1X for underwater photography since May this year and agree with Wossa's assessment. When you get it right the G1z produces photographs with stunning resolution and colour and provides great images for post dive editing BUT the macro is appalling...
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    Canon G1 X Video Performance Underwater

    Thanks Cumbo I will try this ---------- Post added May 9th, 2012 at 03:16 PM ---------- Hi Interceptor121 Thanks your videos are really great Much appreciated
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    Canon G1 X Video Performance Underwater

    I have recently purchased a Canon G1 X camera and am really battling to get a decent quality video underwater. The still shots are stunning but I cannot seem to get the correct white balance, colour mix and exposure for videos on 1920X1080 resolution. Can anyone possibly assist?
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