Single male diver. Currently a PADI Openwater Scuba Instructor, working towards my MSDT. I'm 26 years old, and I work for a SCUBA retailer and PADI center ya'll may have heard of.
Macon, GA
Sell SCUBA equipment and help others learn how to
Certification Agencies
Dive History
The bulk of my diving is in the open ocean, wrecks, reefs, and the like. Only a small percentage are in springs. I've done many dives all up and down the Florida Keys. I've also been to Cancun, Cozumel, and Costa Rica. I've also dived a few springs (Blue Grotto, Rainbow River, Troy Springs, Vortex)
Certification History
You mean my ratings? After open water, my advanced certs include deep, night, wreck, boat, U/W nav, search and recovery, equipment specialist. And the obvious would be EFR, Rescue, DM, and now OWSI and EFR Instructor. not sure what is being asked other than that? LOL
Certification Level
# of dives
200 - 499
Dive Classification
Instructor / Assistant Instructor / Dive Master / Dive Con
Years Certified
Ten Or More Years
Dive Equipment
Backup/pool regs - Sherwood Oasis/Minimus regs, Genesis console comp.
Primary/OW regs - Atomic B2 and SS1, Sherwood Wisdom2.
Cressi Back-Jac BC round out the important bits. Some other assorted boots, gloves, couple knives, etc
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