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    Atomic Venom ARC mask: Initial impressions

    "so does the coating still help at that point???" yeah. I understand completely and I have to say yes it does, or at least yes it can, if it's the right coating and up to a point of course. You will reach a point where there is just not enough ambient light to see anymore, but that will be way...
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    7mm wetsuit suggestions!

    I have both the Thermoprene Pro and the Titanium with Fire Fleece. I absolutely love these wetsuits. Honestly, if you can get the Titanium with Fire Fleece you can probably drop down to a 5mm, It is that warm. They are comfortable, warm and they stretch a lot more than most suits. Fire Fleece...
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    Atomic Venom ARC mask: Initial impressions

    I get what you are saying here and I agree, except that sometimes, depending on the coating and I have to say it don't make sense and I don't know how it works, but you can actually see what seems like brighter colors and more light. Consider the TUSA Paragon mask, it has a sort of dark blue...
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    Atomic Venom ARC mask: Initial impressions

    I have had a Venom coming up on 3 years now. I cleaned it a lot to get it to stop fogging, It was pretty bad at first. In fact, I had to keep a little water in the mask so I could slosh it around to get rid of the fog. The one thing I have found with this mask, and I don't know if it is "by...
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    Storage of dive computers

    I am probably wrong on this, but I always thought that when you snap a water tight container shut like tupperware it closes with pressure inside. The smaller the container the more the possibility of slightly higher pressure as the lid is pushed down to close it. This could cause the computer to...
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    Cobalt 2 Won’t Charge - Left it too long

    You can do it, but it is not recommended. Did you try a reset??? You have 4 buttons on the Cobalt II. Hold the 3:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock buttons down at the same time for like 15 seconds and see if the computer comes back up. Once it comes back up you can try a recharge. Usually this does...
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    What are your 3 favorite pieces of SCUBA Gear???

    In no particular order, but my top three would have to be: 1. Atomic T3 reg 2. Tusa Paragon mask 3. Henderson wet suit
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    How many dives before you cease to be a beginner ? [Poll]

    How many hours does it take to be an "experienced" or good pilot??? I've seen pilots with thousands of hours I rather not fly with and some just out of flight school that are no problem. Same with divers...consider how many dives it would take to become an instructor. If you had the money and...
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    Dive Light

    My son and I just completed our Advanced Open Water PADI cert this summer. I got him a Kraken 900 zoom and when we were in Bonaire he is the one who found most of the hidden, "off the wall" interesting animals to look at both on daytime dives and several night dives. The light works great for...
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    Are all 7mm wetsuits created equal?

    No, they are not all created equal...and for the prices you are quoting I would find another seller!!! Suggest you look at Henderson Thermaxx Titanium. If you are looking for a 7mm then I assume you need it for the colder water dives...they have this stuff called "fire fleece" inside their wet...
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    Toothpaste, really?

    I had a lot of trouble with masks fogging. Toothpaste, Sea buff, or some other stuff, doesn't much matter what, the important thing is to do it 6 or 7 times. Once just will not do it, in fact once doesn't really do much of anything at all. I also found that it worked better if I carefully rinsed...
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    Mechanical compass as a spare????

    Thanks for the replies and info so far everyone!!! I have to say I am surprised that Suunto compasses don't hold up better than that.
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    Mechanical compass as a spare????

    My electronic compass has never failed me yet. But, I know they can and do get out of "calibration". Had our dive instructor go out on a night dive and it sent him off in the wrong direction. I have frequently had to calibrate the one in my Garmin Alpha 100 GPS/Tracking unit. I think it would be...
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    S-49 submarine Patuxent River, MD

    I understand, even at slack tide the current is pretty bad there. I guess that is what keeps it scoured out. I would do it again, but it is a pretty bad dive. The depth doesn't bother me, but the fact that you really don't see much when you are there almost makes it not worth it. When I dove it...
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    S-49 submarine Patuxent River, MD

    That is interesting...any chance your depth gauge could be off? I dove it in 1986 or 87 and it was like 102 or 103 ft to the bottom. I scanned it back in 2004 or 2005 and the charts and my scanner said the same thing, like 102 or 103 feet to the bottom. Since I last posted on this thread I went...
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