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    High Pressure Breathing Air lines

    How far away from your compressor can you run your air lines to your fill station?
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    4th Stage slow

    Our Mako BAM 18.7 cfm compressor 4th stage slowly builds pressure to 4400 psi. Takes about 15 min. without any bank hooked to it. First stage is 45psi and second stage is 170psi and third stage is 550psi and 4th struggles from 4000 on. The first three stages build quickly but the fourth is slow...
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    Mako Compressor co monitor

    Can anyone tell me what wiring needs to be changed to eliminate the optional Co monitor on a Mako BAM 18.7 cfm compressor. 3 phase. There is five wires that go to the monitor 6 ,4,8,10, and 14. We would be willing to sell the CO monitor if someone is interested. We do have the Mako service...
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