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    What was your experience with covid testing turnaround time

    Yes, idnow is a naat test, which Bonaire accepts. AA have me crap about it, saying Bonaire told AA it had to be a PCR test, but let me board. We were about to argue but she said I could go and I opted to let it go and headed for the check-in counter. In Bonaire, they didn't even question it, it...
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    What was your experience with covid testing turnaround time

    I'll share my experience for others. 1 month out I scheduled a 3 hour rapid pcr test for the day before my flight for $200. 2 weeks out I scheduled a PCR test with 1 to 2 day results with CVS two days before my flight. 4 days out I scheduled an id now naat test at Walgreens with 24 hour...
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    Can't find replacement oring for mdx-d300

    Thanks for your help!
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    Oceanic Geo 2.0 with Tusa USB Cable?

    I'm resurrecting this thread again because several of the links don't work anymore, including Oceanic's driver page. I'm in Bonaire and trying to log my dives. I haven't setup the usb cable on this laptop yet and I can't get my software to see my computer. I found working drivers here...
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    Can't find replacement oring for mdx-d300

    I can find the mdx-d300s and actually ordered one by accident. It's unfortunately too large. Has my model just reached its end of life and that's it?
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    What was your experience with covid testing turnaround time

    Thank you everyone for your replies. I currently have an appointment Thursday morning with CVS (free) and a fast test scheduled Friday morning ($200). I looked at the Curative site and it says 1 to 2 days. I see some Walgreens idnow appointments available this week, but they haven't opened the...
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    What was your experience with covid testing turnaround time

    I have an international trip coming up soon from the US to Bonaire. Bonaire has a 48 hour test result timeline requirement. I fly out on a Saturday, mid day. I'd love to hear how long it took for others to get their results and how they navigated the required timelines to get tested prior to...
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    7 missing divers - Jupiter - all found

    Someone talked about SMB's being deployed and someone not deploying. Typically only one person in a group deploys a SMB from depth. In an emergency, I could see everyone inflating one for greater visibility at the surface. I heard from someone I know in the industry that Randy was one of the...
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    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    Where'd everyone go? Nothing but crickets...
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    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    My sister was in town last week. We did a discover scuba dive at the bridge. She did absolutely amazing and had a great time. Thanks for taking photos scuba mom. Here's her video, she had never dove before. I think she needed another 2 pounds so she became floaty towards the end. She didn't care.
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    Blue Heron Bridge Newbie's Experience

    The scuba zone is actually the snorkel trail. You should swim around the snorkel trail while the current slows then enter the bridge areas. For your first time, a local group of divers or a guide would have been very helpful. Sometimes you can find a buddy in the bhb post.
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    For Sale WTB - Backscatter AirLock Pump, Valve, and Pressure Guage

    I just purchased a used Sea & Sea housing for a Nikon camera and it has the bulkhead for a Backscatter Airlock valve. So I'm looking for a working used system for a great price :).
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    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    Any water temp updates?
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    Oceanic Geo 2 dead

    When mine went on the fritz, my local dive shop too care of shipping it back to Oceanic and back at no charge to me. I just paid for labor on the repair.
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    How to improve when hard to find dive buddies?

    Where in Florida? It's a big state.
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