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    Denisegg's incident and near miss at Jackson Blue

    one small note... when I said "panicked diver" i meant that is what i THOUGHT was happening at the time...but because she was going in the right direction i thought it best to to just let her keep haulin down the gold line on her own power... the TRUTH is there was NOTHING PANICKED about...
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    Denisegg's incident and near miss at Jackson Blue

    Dave Selmo, Densie's dive buddy who was by her side. Thought I would share just a couple thoughts I had after reading the whole thread. I'm an "Old school EMT" trained from 1986. I watch my dive buddy swim her butt off from the breakdown to the sandy floor of the mouth of the cave. I knew I...
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    80 AL, 19 AL and/or 85 LP Steel

    i am baffled why a person wont drop a tank off at the local "ups store" It is not hard to do.
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    Complete Luxfer 40cf Deco Bottle

    im in the market for a used AL40. But $175 is the price of a new one, not a used one.
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    Steel Dbl LP108's

    u can ship these tanks for about $110 with insurance. I just had a double set of OMS 112's shipped to me from NC to Louisiana. Just drop em off at a "UPS Store"
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    paralyzer tip

    Ill give ya $15 for it shipped to my door. :) 70460 area code.
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    Bare D6 Neoprene drysuit for sale

    Is the Nomad still for sale? I noticed it in the pictures.
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    MK25 1st stage & Uwatec Bottom Timer

    oops typo was "answered" I meant. :)
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    MK25 1st stage & Uwatec Bottom Timer

    it did not appear the question was answers. is the bottom timer still available?? :)
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    MK25 1st stage & Uwatec Bottom Timer

    bottom timer does NOT read in feet, does it.
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    Anybody know/use Promate DF800NTX?

    thankyou for the tip. Im out of the New Orleans area. Starting full cave training this coming weekend down in Mariana, FL. Tec is right around the corner. bought an AL40 with a Diverite sling and had it topped off w 100% 02. Primary motive in gettin the 02 bottle functioning is want to have...
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    Anybody know/use Promate DF800NTX?

    on a 100% O2 bottle? It's a balanced, environmentally sealed DIN reg, 100% O2 out of the box and I am finding them ALL OVER THE INTERNET with not one single review or comment on them. I found a source with them on sale for $150 and am considering buying one (over ALL other options I've looked...
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    1st stage for 100% O2 deco bottle?

    The reason some shops may say this is because Scubapro, THEMSELVES, refuse to assume liability for having their regs put on 100% O2. My understand from my local Scubapro dealer is that the company says ALL of the entire product line should only be used on EAN up to 40%. Even Atomic regs...
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    1st stage for 100% O2 deco bottle?

    we dive with Atomics M1's because of their amazing versatility but I just cant afford to but $600-$700 on the end of my little 02 bottle at this stage of the game. I'm looking at either Mares Rebel 12 or the OMS Workhorse Din reg for O2. Both are in the $150 range and have nice reviews. Mares...
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    22 Nov. Fin Sacrifices To the Whiskey Wreck god

    my fin is labled with a small yellow bead zip tied to the spring strap. (no lie.) I trust when it is engulfed by the mysterious force that causes ALL THINGS LOST in front of Bahama Bob's to wash up onto the whiskey wreck, and someobody finds it... they'll do the "right thing" :)
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