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Slidell, LA
Restoration Artisan (I do custom work to expensive
Certification Agencies
Dive History
Most of my experience has been under the oil rigs of the Gulf. It has been a great training ground to learn some relatively "high stress" open water diving. Can be strong currents, murk layers, and deep dives. I love to spearfish and belong to a club. (Frogmen) We get out at least a couple times a month if weather permits although the oilspill has ruined all of this. (35 guys, five own boats, four guys load 12 tanks, split the cost of fuel, go 30 miles off shore and have some fun.) I am now a Tec Cave diver and have shifted my diving towards this area. Jackson Blue has become home on the weekends this summer. (2010)
Certification History
I have completed SSI's "River Diving" course in Chatanooga, TN by the instructor that wrote the book for SSI. (As of 2007, not yet published. It was private instruction out of Choo Choo Dive Center. My understanding is the owner of Choo Choo wrote the technical data for SSI's Tec Diver manual.) River Dive class was very cool. (Learned to crawl on the bottom in fast current with knee pads and a pickaxe in each hand. Found a 100year old wiskey flask during the first artifact. :) Discovered the caves in the last couple years and made my first double-stage scooter diver to 3000+ feet back in Jackson Blue July of 2010. (I'm hooked. :)
Certification Level
Tec Cave
# of dives
200 - 499
Dive Classification
Technical Diver
Years Certified
Four Years
Dive Equipment
Halcyon backplate, Halcyon and Apex wings, Scubapro and Atomics regulators, Dive Rite 15Watt HID, Henderson 7mm Instadry wetsuit, Scubapro jetfins, Riffe speargun. And now all sidemount in the cave (amen!)
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