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    Diver fatality in south east Norway

    It is aweful to write this, but sadly my 49 year old boss passed away this weekend, while diving of the coast of Norway. Lars Petter was an experienced diver, and the incident came as a shock to friends, family and colleagues. It is still not clear what caused the accident, as he was believed...
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    Looking for advice on IDC/Tech training and working in Thailand for a year

    to stay in thailand for that long you need a visa. You can get an educational visa, which lasts one year, but you are not allowed to work with that. But I guess your best bet is to get that first, until ur done with ur instructor training, and then apply for a work permit. My father, who lives...
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    Spearfishing with Scuba

    i only hunt when i freedive.
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    1 fish, 2 pics, ID please

    black grouper?
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    Trip to Thailand

    The shop i went to at Koh Tao wanted just 45000 baht for a D9.
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    Trip to Thailand

    awesome idea!
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    Trip to Thailand

    hey there thanshin! my father live in thailand, and i visit him there every year, so i guess i could give you some pointers :D My recommendation is to take your diving certificates on the island called Koh Tao. Its a small beautiful island, which specialize in the diving section of tourism...
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    Omer Excalibur vs JBL 38" magnum special

    Buying my first harpoon. I have done some research, and ive narrowed it down to these two guns: O.M.E.R Excalibur 2000 JBL 38" special woody magnum The reason why i chose these two are simply because they both seem to fit my needs, such as the size of the fish and their pricetag, not to...
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    Carribean, Australia, Indonesia or Thailand?

    this is a great tip man! thanks alot! im gonna look into it. altho i feel like thailand will be my destination. But this place is amazing for vacations! maybe ill find work there once im done with my instructor course :D
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    Carribean, Australia, Indonesia or Thailand?

    Big thanks to everyone whos given me input on my situation. I have decided to move to thailand after all. Now I just need to figure out where to stay. Im thinking of Phuket, Phi Phi and Ko Tao. any suggestions?
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    Carribean, Australia, Indonesia or Thailand?

    Also, dont you still have that problem with that evil wizard Saruman still? :rofl3:
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    Carribean, Australia, Indonesia or Thailand?

    Hey Andy, Thanks for your suggestion. You are indeed a fine ambassador for your country. The reason why I didnt consider NZ is simply like Vladimir put it, its colder temperatures. But, Ill tell you what.. I promise to come diving in NZ within a year, should i move to a location within close...
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    Carribean, Australia, Indonesia or Thailand?

    not a bad idea, but im keeping that spot as a future vacation spot. living in israel or egypt dont appeal to me
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    Carribean, Australia, Indonesia or Thailand?

    I have decided to take a year of from my studies to embrace my love for diving and take it to the next step! I have decided to get my divemaster degree and work as one until next october. my plan was to do it in thailand, but recent events have caused me to look into other locations. I am unsure...
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    Whale sharks in at Koh Tao?

    i saw one in january. They visit from time to time and they are truely spectacular!
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