Born, May 1984, in a city called Tonsberg, just an hour south of Oslo, Norway. At age of 19 I went in to the Norwegian military where I served as an engineer, with a specialty of removing landmines. I was promoted to corporal, and became the captains M-113 driver. After a year I decided not to pursue my planned career in the army, and decided to organize computer events around in Europe in stead. I traveled and organized events around in Europe for two years, before becoming bored with the lifestyle. I then moved to London to study Psychology, and have lived here for just over 2 years now.

I got into diving after getting a recommendation from one of my best friends. Had my first dive on the 8th of January, 2009. Been addicted since!
May 30, 1984 (Age: 37)
Tonsberg, Norway
Psychology Student
Certification Agencies
Dive History
Only Koh Tao, Thailand for now.
Certification History
Open Water - 10.01.09, Advanced Open Water - 13.01.09, Rescue diver - 16.01.09
All certifications completed with Ban's Diving Resort, Koh Tao
Certification Level
Padi Rescue Diver
# of dives
25 - 49
Dive Classification
Just An "Average" Diver
Years Certified
Less Than One Year
Dive Equipment
Mask: Scubapro Crystal Vu
Snorkel: Scubapro Spectra
Wetsuit: Scubapro Profile 5mm Mono
Gloves: Scubapro hyperflex 3mm
Socks: Beuchat Elaskin 4mm
Fins: Beuchat Mundail Competition
Computer: Suunto D4
Speargun: JBL Super Carbine D-8
Rebreather Experience





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