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    Want to Buy ScubaPro Exodry Drysuit Size L

    Hi Everyone, I recently bought an Exodry size M online, but unfortunately I think it may be a size too small for me. I am looking for a size L at this point. Could also potentially trade for a size M (new condition with tags and original packaging). Let me know if anyone has one for sale...
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    Closed: SOLD-Scubapro Exodry Men's Drysuit Size M $599

    Does this suit work with a dry glove system? Looks like they got rid of the neoprene wrist seals..
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    Bodyglove X2 vs. EX3 wetsuits??

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking at two used wetsuits, both are 7mm bodygloves, but one is an EX3, and the other one is an X2. I have not been able to find any useful information on differences between the two. Anyone have any input? Thanks in advance for clarifying!
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    HOG Zenith vs. Dive Rite XT2

    Thanks for all the valuable input everyone. I've had Edge regs in the past and had good experiences with them, so I might go with HOG, although I'm still open to either since it doesn't really sound like there's much of a difference. It's good to know that spare parts are available for both...
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    HOG Zenith vs. Dive Rite XT2

    Hi Everyone, Apologies in advance if this isn't the correct forum; I'm looking to replace my primary second stage, and I've basically narrowed it down to the HOG Zenith, or the Dive Rite XT2. They're very comparable price-wise, and I don't want the $30-40 difference to affect my decision...
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    Opinions on potential BP/W setup

    Hi Everyone! I posted in this forum a few days ago trying to get a better idea of what exactly I need to set up an effective, first BP/W setup, and after doing a decent amount of research, I was hoping to get some (constructive) feedback on the combination I'm leaning towards at the moment. As...
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    First BP/W Setup

    Thanks everyone for your replies! @sunnyboy that's why I'd like to make the switch to BP/W. There's just so much more room for customization as well as increased adaptability to different situations. The point about try before you buy is a good one, but all the shops close to me only rent out...
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    First BP/W Setup

    Thanks for all the replies guys! Definitely some great insight. I do have a few follow-up questions; STA: I agree at this (broke) stage in life it doesn't make sense to double up on equipment. That being said are there any distinct disadvantages to diving a doubles setup with a single tank...
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    First BP/W Setup

    Hey everyone, I've been diving for 5-6 years now using the rear inflation Mares Icon BCD, and I'm looking to get my first BP/W setup. Looking back I probably should've just bought a BP/W system to begin with but hindsight is 20/20 I guess!:acclaim: The vast majority of my diving thus far has...
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    Scuba Diving Central Indiana

    Hi everyone, For most of this coming summer I will be doing an internship with a company located in Columbus, Indiana. I am from the Twin Cities and am currently a student at UW Madison so I've done my fair share of diving throughout the midwest. From what I can see on Google Maps the closest...
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    Experience with Waterproof Warmtec 200g Undergarment

    Hi, sorry for the delay, yes I did end up buying the undergarment and I love it! I used it several times this fall to dive wrecks on Lake Superior's north shore down to 100ft and it worked great! Towards the end of the dive it got a little chilly but nothing that can't be fixed without a little...
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    Experience with Waterproof Warmtec 200g Undergarment

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying the Waterproof Warmtec 200g undergarment to use with my drysuit. I primarily dive the Great Lakes, and quarries/lakes throughout the midwest with water temps frequently in the low 40's. Does anyone have any experience or feedback on this undergarment? It has good...
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    Dive Resume?

    Hi everyone! I'm applying for a job at a local dive shop, and the manager asked for a "dive resume outlining your dive history". Maybe this is common knowledge but I'm not really sure what exactly that is... Is it just a list of all your dives? Is there a specific format like one for an actual...
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    Ankle Weights vs. Gaiters

    Hi everyone! First off, thanks for all the replies, just reading through them has helped! Just to clear a few things up: getting smaller boots is not really a realistic option as I have integrated rock boots. Overall the drysuit fits pretty good, however being 17, pretty tall, and skinny, there...
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