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    Bicycle rental in Coz

    Biking is a very popular sport on the island...witness the recent Ironman last week. There are boatloads of bike repair places.
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    Bicycle rental in Coz

    I drive down Ave. 10 every day on my way to yoga. Just around the square there is a shop on the east side with a sign that says "bikes for rent" next to dive shops, moto rentals, etc. etc. Hard to miss.
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    Bicycle rental in Coz

    Chedraui and Mega often have them. There are also bike stores around town. Pawnshops...
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    Bicycle rental in Coz

    Buy a couple.
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    Looking for a mule around Christmas time

    Thanks all. I believe I have this sorted
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    Looking for a mule around Christmas time

    Thanks. They are giving me a better price.
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    Looking for a mule around Christmas time

    Thanks for the offer. I am sure they have American distributors. I will ask if that would change the price. Thanks for offering.
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    Looking for a mule around Christmas time

    Due to a series of mishaps, I need to buy a new computer. I am already in Cozumel, so need to have a new Shearwater Teric brought down. They told me they could have it to me in time for Christmas. Just need to send it to someone in Canada who can bring it in their carryon (it has a Li-on battery...
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    Want to Buy Boot for Aladin 2G

    The boot for my ScubaPro Aladin 2G literally fell apart in my hands today. I checked with the ScubaPro dealer here on the island of Cozumel who told me they are no longer sold as the computer is discontinued. Does anyone have one they could sell to me? Otherwise I guess I have an expensive...
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    Question Advice for group of new divers - seeking convenience

    Blue Angel checks all your boxes.
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    ATM vagaries

    Last year I opened a Mexican bank account at HSBC (since there is one close to our house). I am thinking I may also open an account with HSBC in Canada and then I can move money from that account to my Mexican account without any transaction fees. I guess I should get on that soon.....
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    Port Closed!

    This has nothing to do with Dave Dillehey. I unpinned it since it was dated and to make room for other pinned info. It is still searchable if anyone wants to find it.
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    Trip Report Cozumel- October 10-20, 2021

    That setup makes very good photos!
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    Return to Cozumel after 6 year absence

    Hogfish are rarely seen because they are pretty darn tasty ..
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    Best Margaritas

    They have also opened a place on town near Mega. They are my favourite.
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