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    Sea & Sea DX-2G w Dual YS-01 Strobes Camera Package + accessories, like new!

    Selling my Sea & Sea DX-2G w dual YS-01strobes camera set-up. Gently used for a few scuba diving trips and has been kept in a Pelican case when not diving (Pelican case not included). In excellent condition, the package comes with a DX-2G 16 megapixel camera, 2 batteries, battery charger, the...
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    Women's DUI FLX 50/50 Drysuit

    Still for sale, price dropped to $1250 + shipping.
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    Women's DUI FLX 50/50 Drysuit

    Still for sale- :girl:
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    Women's DUI FLX 50/50 Drysuit

    Just bumping- still for sale ;)
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    Women's DUI FLX 50/50 Drysuit

    Still for sale. $1500 + the 3%.
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    Women's DUI FLX 50/50 Drysuit

    Will drop price to $1650, free shipping but Paypal 3% still applies.
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    Women's DUI FLX 50/50 Drysuit

    Selling my DUI FLX50/50 drysuit (it has no problems, I'm just in the market for a new lighter-weight one). Black w/ pink overlay, very little wear and tear anywhere on the suit. Zipper is perfect, zip seals (neck and wrists) are still in good condition. No fraying on the feet, knees, etc. Has...
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    Female Diver Missing on The Yukon, San Diego

    Someone made a good point earlier about the conditions... Topside, you can have glassy surface and calm weather but underwater you could descend into a washing machine. I got a couple of snide replies on another forum when I mentioned that conditions weren't favorable for diving~ 2 people...
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    Tusa Mask, Fins, Snorkel Set~ Brand new.

    SF-6 Imprex-Tri-ex Fins are LARGE size. M-110 Visio UNO Mask &SP-170 Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel~ all a matching set in Cobalt blue color. All 3 are brand new, still in their bags. $150 + shipping costs.. I can email pics~ just PM me if interested. Thanks. :snorkel:
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    Upcoming MkVI rebreather demo tour

    Do we need to pre-register? If so, where? (for the San Diego one in August)
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    Catalina Express Checking Weight of Luggage

    I took the San Pedro boat in mid July, no problems at all.. Boat was almost empty (on a Sat. am), crew rolled our tanks in for us.. Long Beach seems to be the only one that is imposing restrictions.
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    Brand New Pinnacle Fusion 5mm Wetsuit, Womens MT

    Brand spanking new ladies Pinnacle Fusion, never been in water- still has tags on. 5mm, Merino lining, size Medium tall. $125 + shipping. Pinnacle size chart----> Pinnacle Wetsuit Sizing Chart
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    Bad Leg Cramps

    A few suggestions... First, hydrate! Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of cramps, so drink up.. Avoid caffeine. Try eating potassium rich foods, such as bananas the night before and/or morning of the dives. Maybe your dive shop will let you try out different fins in the pool to see...
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    Conquered Some Fears and First Shore Dive

    Good for the OP to be working on her problem areas... however you shouldn't have ANY problems areas before even considering to be a DM. Divemaster comes with a huge responsibility-- you are overseeing other peoples' LIVES. In my (probably worthless to some) opinion, I think you should have a...
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    Luxfer LP85 Doubles Set Up, regs + more. Getting out of Tech Diving

    Rocket fins back for sale, buyer changed mind. Black, Large $30 AquaLung Legend regulator setup for doubles- Din, one set w/ long hose/Mares pressure gauge, 1 w/ TDL pressure gauge/ds hose- excellent condition $475, including soft Aqualung carrying bag. Will separate for $250 each. USIA...
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