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    Edmonton ??

    Hi Marc, was just going to second Banff, i dove there earlier this year, not bad, but one of the few choices available. Mike
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    Looking for a light, is 50w HID overkill?

    Ahhhh! i was hoping to get a clearer picture, and i have recommendations from a 2w LED to a 250w HID LOL for those of you that have 50w or dive with someone that dosent, is it really that hard to see them signal? i dont think i'll be diving at night much, just during the day, but in water...
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    Looking for a light, is 50w HID overkill?

    Hello all. im in the market for a dive light, my ideal requirements are simple, to harness the power of the sun underwater. i mostly dive side mount in the daytime with newer divers, in 10-50ft visibility. the light would also be used by my girlfriend back mounted to a tank when we dive...
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    Salvo 50w & 21w HID, Hollis 16w LED

    thats a very nice set of cans... sorry, i couldnt resist. trying to resist the urge to buy... have a good trip, i'm sure you'll have these sold in no time
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    PST E Series 120Cu Ft Tank Question

    Yikes, what a hassle. Glad I asked before spending money on a potential paperweight, from something as simple as not getting a permit renewed. From what I have been told by a local hydro facility a few months ago was that Canada usually follows the US as far as regulations on scuba tanks. So I...
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    PST E Series 120Cu Ft Tank Question

    Hey Guys, one of these tanks just came up for sale in my local classifieds, guy says it was made about 6 years ago. will need hydro/vis anyone have any experience with these tanks? any info will be much appreciated. Thanks, Mike
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    Point Roberts - Sea Cliff

    Hey Guys, i'd be in for exploring pt roberts next time you go out. any issues crossing the border with your gear?
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    Trade/sell White hard sole boots, size 9 reg

    got the boots! great condition!
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    Diving in/around Tofino?

    Hey all, my gf and i are going to Tofino next weekend for some surfing and we were thinking of bringing our dive gear with us, does anyone know if/where there are some good dive sites? will be coming from Vancouver Thanks, Mike
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    Whites Fusion Sport Skin L/XL (Skin only)

    Ooooh one site i forgot to check for pricing. and its now $150 shipped!
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    Whites Fusion Sport Skin L/XL (Skin only)

    Hey all, just replaced the skin on my suit with the Tech skin, selling the sport skin to help pay for it ;) no issues with it, just wanted the tech skin for the pockets. havent seen many of these around, so going to open at $200 shipped. All reasonable offers will be considered. i can take...
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    Sell me your BARE Mlarge Drysuit!

    Hey all, yes, i am looking for a new drysuit as mine is WAY too big, and its starting to be a pain. i currently have a Large/Tall BARE XCD2 suit with XXL boots that i may be willing to sell/trade if the right suit comes up, but mainly looking for something of similar make/quality that will...
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    Switching gasses with D9

    Cool. Thanks for the replies. 8 gasses for the new D9 eh... Damm. I figured it was probably the case it disregards the tank readings for the new blend, just wanted to make sure. As I just finished a Divemaster course, and am doing a nitrox class next week! Weeeee!
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