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    Buying scuba gear in Oz

    Dive gear is pretty expensive in Australia from what I know. I work at Pro Dive in Brisbane and we take a minimum of 3 trips out a weekend. We go down to the Gold Coast, Cook Island, Flinders, all around Moreton, and also to the HMAS Brisbane.
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    Diving around Surfer's Paradise in December/January?

    In Surfer's you'd mainly be looking at The Seaway which is a shore dive in the Gold Coast, but you'd probably be better off heading a bit South and diving off Tweed Heads at the Cook Island Marine Reserve.
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    Tasmania, Sydney, Brisbane

    Come check us out! I work at Pro Dive in Brisbane.
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    Equipment purchase priority-BCD or Reg?

    I'd go regs if I had to choose between the two but go both at once if you can. It makes it a lot easier with inflator hoses etc.
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    Diving with Braces or other ortho D work?

    I used to dive with braces. Once you get used to them being in your mouth above water, you get used to them being in your mouth below water.
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    Hey AlmityWife!

    Happy Birthday!!! Have fun in Queensland! I might see you out on the HMAS Brisbane if you are stopping here on the way up.
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    Differences between Dive Agencies?

    I do not respect or agree with anyone that feels the need to put someone else down in order to make themselves look or feel better. When I was looking at taking the first step into the professional diving world I had the choice of going with my local PADI dive store or my local SSI dive store...
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    Light storage

    I leave mine in the lights. I do remember reading somewhere not to store torches (or maybe my particular torch) without batteries.
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    Hi all, I haven't been very active on the Board lately because I have just started a new job working at my LDS. I have also now finally got my divemaster number and have been out diving a lot! :D Now my question is this: In Australia, what insurance do you use? I am currently a PADI DM...
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    Winter has arrived on Ningaloo

    23°C!!! Were battling 19°C over the other side of the country and I wouldn't say that I'm winning :(
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    Newbe from Jervis Bay NSW Australia

    Welcome. What temp is the water down there?
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    The best gear storage room!

    Hi all, I have just started working with my LDS and we are looking at doing a complete uplift of our hire gear storage room. What does your LDS storage room look like? What does the best gear storage room that you have seen on your travels look like? (Please include pictures if you can)...
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    Scubapro customer care...

    That is a poor effort on Scubapro's part. Here in Australia though, Scubapro has been more than helpful. Admittedly the only Scubapro gear I own are two wetsuits and when my Thermal Tec started developing holes around the ankle zips (after a year), Scubapro happily exchanged it for a brand new...
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    Woo hoo!

    10 years is a long time. Congrats :)
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    Aussie bubble blower

    Welcome from sunny Queensland :)
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