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    SOLD!!! Nauticam 25101 Flip Diopter Holder for 67mm Macro Port

    I have a flip adapter made to fit an Ike flat port. It’s not a Nauticam, though.
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    For Sale Large Scuba Collection

    Do you still have the Sea & Sea strobes?
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    Oly M Zuiko ED 14-150mm

    You confirmed what I was thinking. Why it is listed as an “underwater lens” is whack!
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    Using the 30mm macro

    I had the same issue at Tulamben with my 30mm! Even tried stacked macro wet lenses with it. Not very happy with the purchase.
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    Oly M Zuiko ED 14-150mm

    Hi there Baskscatter lists this lens in its “best” underwater lineup. I can’t find if it’s compatible in any Oly housings, though. Is it only usable in a Nauticam housing/port? Cheers, Carol
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    New Magnetic 67mm attachment for Oly Housings

    I am very curious, also. I trust Jeff Mullins implicitly. My only hesitation lies in where would I put the wet lens when it isn’t being used?
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    Shutter speed TG-5

    I am ditching the TG5 for this very reason
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    For Sale Reefnet Flip Adapter

    Reefnet flip adapter for 67 mm diopters. Fits Ike standard flat ports or other 3.6” diameter ports. $85 shipped conus.
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    PT-EP13 housing port diameter

    Thanks, Furnari!
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    PT-EP13 housing port diameter

    Sorry. What I meant is I plan to buy the housing. Already have the flip adapter, but don’t know if it will fit the housing. A friend wants to buy the flip, but I’ll hang onto it if it fits the Olympus housing.
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    PT-EP13 housing port diameter

    I’m hoping someone can give me this info as I can’t find it anywhere on the net. I plan to buy one, but want to know if my SubSee flip (100-110 mm) for Ike-S will fit it. Thanks in advance!
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    For Sale Complete Olympus E-PL1 underwater system $500

    How many shutter clicks are on the camera?
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    Flip adapter for TG4 & TG5

    Awesome! Thank you!
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    Flip adapter for TG4 & TG5

    Thanks, Patrick!
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    Flip adapter for TG4 & TG5

    Does anyone know if there any flip adapters on the market that are compatible with the PT056 & PT058 housings? Many thanks in advance!
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