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    For Sale 2 LP95s For sale or trade

    did these sell? If so change the status
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    SOLD!!! Doubles Set - Faber Steel LP85s

    so change the status to sold
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    SOLD!!! Luxfer Al40 with rigging

    then change the state to sold instead of for sale
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    For Sale Faber LP85's (NEW!)

    Would you sell them without valves?
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    For Sale Faber LP85's (NEW!)

    can these valves be converted to H valves?
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    Want to Buy LP 85s 95s or 108s or anything in between

    Looking for LP tanks Located in FL Please PM with anything for sale. Also, need an AL 40 for deco.
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    For Sale Lots of Steel Tanks/Fabers in Gainesville/ Cave Country

    Do you have anything besides al 80s? looking fo rLP steel?
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    Y valve vs H valve

    Pretty sure zeagle makes something like this already.
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    Y valve vs H valve

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    Y valve vs H valve

    LOL when I got certified one of the dives I did was search and recovery. Our instructor forgot the lift bag, so he just gave us his BC and finished the dive holding his tank under his arm.
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    Y valve vs H valve

    Good info! I was thinking of doing a side mount with a high-pressure hose between them and an isolator valve. I don't want to have to worry about going back and forth. But honestly, I feel back gas is more streamlined. I can get to valves currently but think inverted will be easier and that...
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    Y valve vs H valve

    trying to picture that. I guess that would make the handle slightly easier to acccess. I was also just considering inverting the tank for easier access. --i have two bad shoulders.
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