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    Cab stop and shop after airport pick up

    My personal favorite market is the Chedraui on the transversal
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    More pics

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    Cab stop and shop after airport pick up

    Okay, I won't make any snarky comments about eating special k in Mexico. My breakfast of choice is huevos con chaya. Addy's Corner (Rincon de Addy) is my favorite breakfast spot. My two favorite items at Mega are the fresh baked all butter croisants when available, and the little juice boxes of...
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    Some random pics from la Isla que amo

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    Cab stop and shop after airport pick up

    No problemo, Just that the markets back in the hood are more representative of the island then Mega. I enjoy leaving my bicycle unlocked under the watchful eye of the local guy that watches the bikes out front. The first time I was skeptical, but my faith in humanity was maintained when my bike...
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    Cab stop and shop after airport pick up

    Unless you insist on Mega, I would have the taxi stop at Soriana, Super Aki, or San Francisco. They are closer to the airport, have better prices, and avoid the traffic along Melgar. Buy a jumbo bottle of Coke as a tip for waiting and there will be no additional charge. I would also choose...
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    Shore dive or boat dives better for macro life like nudis and seahorses?

    Henry gave great advise Contact Robert and see if he would be willing to point you in the right direction Or if you become friends maybe you could dive together someday
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    Scooter Rental-LONG term

    I'll rent you my car (2003)tracker 90 days full insurance $25 per day 90 @25 = $2,250 Works better in the rain and heat than a scooter. Wife can drive it. Also has bumpers and a steel frame to protect the driver and passengers. You don't even have to return it with a full tank of gas. Serious...
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    Scooter Rental-LONG term

    Or buy one for your favorite guide that you get to "borrow" when you are on the Island.
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    East Side Post Grace

    Anyone know about the status of 25 hour bar?
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    What to do if you test positive before flying home?

    You could plan for how you might get serious medical care if you or your partner should have a bad reaction.
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    New Cozumel scuba scavenger hunt

    I got two of them a 1 mil and a 3 mil Lobsterman : An underwater superhero endemic to Cozumel
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    Sidemount Diving, Cozumel Trip, Do You?

    Redundant gauges? SPG on a low pressure port? Explain please
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    Taxi rates from (outside) the airport

    Or for Mexicans traveling in their own country
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    Help with planning a Coz dive trip

    10 % deductable? So you are responsible for 10% of the total cost of the damages? 10% of the value of the car if stolen or totaled? 10 % of the cost of the damage to the other vehicle? 10% of the lost rental income while the car is being repaired? 10 % is open ended and unlimited How is this...
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