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    New PU-530001-AF Adsorbent Cartridge Holder for sale

    Missed that, updated the ad, thanks for the heads up. Asking $400
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    Pair of SS refillable cartridges for PU-530003-AF

    Suitable for 27 inch cartridge holders, product info available here. These are located in Cebu, Philippines, but can ship anywhere. $100 for the pair, image in next post, won't attach to this one for some reason
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    New PU-530001-AF Adsorbent Cartridge Holder for sale

    Image didn't load in previous post, see attached
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    New PU-530001-AF Adsorbent Cartridge Holder for sale

    PU-530001-AF Adsorbent Cartridge Holder for sale Zero hours of use, it was part of an abandoned project. Includes refillable cartridge that has seen use. Located in Cebu, Philippines. Can ship anywhere at buyers expense. Image of item attached Asking $400 USD Product info here...
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    Oxygen Hacker's Companion

    I have a PDF, PM me if you'd like a copy
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    New to the Board and Taal Question

    A boat trip from Anilao to Cebu is a bit of an undertaking, I think the route would be bus and ferry combos taking you from Anilao to Batangas by road, ferry Batangas to PG, by road PG to Bulalacao, a ferry from there to caticlan, by road to IloIlo, ferry across to Bacolod, across the coast for...
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    Is it worth doing an IDC if you might only use it for a year?

    Contact a CD in the area you would like to work, ask them if they would be willing to share the number of certs done in the previous year, and how many instructors these were shared by, from this you can get a reasonable idea of the potential earnings, and how long it will take you to recover...
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    5 days in Cebu - tips and suggestions?

    It's a great time to visit Moalboal, in the last few days we have had Thresher shark sightings, hunting the sardines. Right now, calm waters with great viz. Give me a PM if you need any help booking something.
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    Puerto Galera dive trip down payment by wire transfer

    Wire transfer is common, we use the same process for our dive safaris. I would suggest that using a company with a public profile (tripadvisor, google reviews, scubaboard) is safe enough, make sure you know their cancellation policy and are happy with it.
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    Visayan Dive Safaris

    From October to May each year Savedra Dive Center Moalboal, and Easy Diving resort Sipalay partner to offer 6 day 5 night dive safaris. Destinations include Moalboal, Liloan, Sumilon Island, Balicasag Island, Alona Beach, Panglao, Siquijor Island, Duain and Sipalay, typically diving four times...
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    Safety and environment conscious shops

    In Coron be very careful who you go with, safety standards there can be quite low. Look up Patrick Preston at Neptune, or Gunter from discovery, both good safety conscious guys. On the topic of Tubbataha, I'm sure there are others on here more knowledgeable than I.
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    First visit to Philippines

    You could actually fit in a few of those destinations on a dive safari, have a look here
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    Safety and environment conscious shops

    - Bohol area for diving at Balicasag Take a look at Philippine Fun Divers, the owner Holger Horn tends to lead the way on a lot of conservation activity in the area, and is a member of the coastguard, safety shouldn't be a problem - Malapascua for diving at Monad Shoal (thresher sharks) and...
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    DM Intern & Instructor Course Recommendations

    What are the chances of finding work afterwards? I'm receiving an impressive number of CVs from instructors leaving the island right now.
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