I got certified back in 2013 and did some trips to freshwater (Rainbow River, Ginnie Springs, Blue Grotto) and saltwater (Key Largo) sites in Florida, before going dormant for a number of years. Recently I've gotten back into diving and recently did an offshore dive in South Carolina and a trip to Roatan, Honduras, where I did 19 dives in six days, woohoo!
United States
Certification Agencies
Dive History
I got certified in about the worst possible conditions: zero viz, 46°F water, in a quarry.
Freshwater: Florida (Ginnie Springs, Rainbow River, and Blue Grotto)
Saltwater: Florida (Molasses Reef, Spiegel Grove wreck, Benwood wreck, and Duane wreck); South Carolina (Goldfinch Reef); Roatan, Honduras

My deepest ever depth is 97 feet / 29.5 meters.
Certification History
Open Water Cert (SSI); Advanced Open Water & Rescue (NAUI)
Certification Level
Advanced Open Water, Rescue
# of dives
25 - 49
Dive Classification
Just An "Average" Diver
Years Certified
Six - Ten Years
Dive Equipment
BCD: Zeagle Zena
Regulator: Atomic Aquatics Z2
Octo: Atomic Aquatics Z2
Computer: Cressi Leonardo



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