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    Question Box Jellyfish ??

    Go and have a great time. I used to be a dm in Hawaii and go back frequently - never been stung by anything there. The only time I’ve been stung was by a man-of-war off of Cabo. I’ve taken my son to do the manta night - we actually did the snorkel and not the dive since he wasn’t certified at...
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    Blue Grotto Makes Some Changes

    I was thinking to myself this must be an insurance based decision. But I’ve definitely hit 101 / 102 feet several times there. In the lower chamber there’s a very slight glow of indirect outside light, but it’s faint at best. And yes Homerdoc the historically “true” cave part is behind the dock...
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    Shark impedes search for missing Wisconsin diver - Maui, Hawaii

    This may be worth including in the full face snorkel thread. Apologies for being morbid, but will be interesting to hear if there’s any predation on the body. That area around makena is notorious for tigers, and I’m willing to wager that’s what the rescuers saw.
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    RIP Dr. Bill

    Damn it. I had zero interaction with him, but always really appreciated his posts. He was the genuine article and a great guy from what I saw. Peace and love to his family and friends. **** cancer ❤️
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    Nude diving?

    Alright so I do have a flat stomach and an eight inch mullet. I was trying to be humble!! 😜
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    Key Largo divers…what are the conditions?

    Curious as to this myself. Headed down to dive this coming weekend.
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    Nude diving?

    Yeah f that. In Belize I had a three foot remora try to attach to my junk for 40 minutes of an hour long dive. At first I was trying to swat it away and doing 360’s and barrel rolls, but it kept coming back.. it finally became a boxing match and I had to deal it several solid blows. I tried to...
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    Weird fish off Maui

    Funny , as soon as I saw it I thought wrasse
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    Nat Geo Flooded Tombs Of the Nile

    Righty on, very cool. I actually googled their company while I was watching it just out of curiosity. Good for that guy - getting to go to Egypt and head-up diving tombs. You never know where things are gonna lead you.
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    Nat Geo Flooded Tombs Of the Nile

    I watched it and it was cool indeed. Is your buddy the guy who had the Blue Marine shirt on? That might not be the actual name but it was something like that. Fun watch and it seemed pretty black water in there.
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    Scuba diving magazine?

    RIP Shark Diver Mag and Skin Diver
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    Where should I take my new-diver 11 year old to start?

    Yes, they will absolutely have a private dm or instructor with them in Nevis. What I meant by "taking him for his OW dives" is that we only have confined pool options here. For check out dives you can go to the crater in Utah, but I've dove that many times and given the six hour one way drive...
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    Where should I take my new-diver 11 year old to start?

    Happy hump day everyone. I just enrolled my 11 year old son into an SDI open water course. My ex-wife has a trip on the books for the two of them going to Nevis this fall and she wanted to take him diving, probably just a two-tank day with a guide. Noteworthy, she's a novice diver who hasn't...
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    Alligator attack - Myakka River, Florida

    Wow. I’ve dove the Myakka before looking for teeth. There are a few deep spots worthy of a tank, but in general it’s pretty shallow if you kayak up river and there you can snorkel and dig through the fossil beds. We probably saw about 50 gators in one day. That said, the Myakka isn’t very...
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