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    Port Closed!

    Don't worry, the original subject became irrelevant by Saturday afternoon. And yes, they no longer do daylight savings time in Cozumel. They align with central time during the summer and eastern time during the winter. We lost out on our bonus day of diving on Friday because of the port...
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    American airline troubles

    For a second I thought I might be in that picture. That was the most crowded I had ever seen CZM and the check-in lines were an absolute mess. They had two agents available to work everyone through. Our flight to CZM was much worse, though. On the 23rd, we were supposed to flight out of CID...
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    Title Below User ID

    It used to be that when you joined a certain forum you would get a label like "Divemaster" or "Instructor, scuba" appended under your name. I seem to no longer be a "scuba instructor" and have lost access to the I2I forum.
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    Lake Quachita after a long break from diving

    Just Northwest of Fayetteville is Beaver Lake. If you haven't been there, you should check it out, too, now that you're back into diving. I did my Instructor Evaluation dives there in July because the visibility in Table Rock was poor that week and it is one of the best inland lakes I've had the...
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    GoPro subscription

    I subscribed last year when I bought my Hero 9 and used it to get a pretty healthy discount on the camera, an extra battery, dual battery charger, and the underwater housing so I can take the camera diving. Just cancelled the subscription about a month ago (when they kindly notified me that it...
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    OW failure, advice?

    If your whole "class" totaled 4 hours, 3 of that being in the pool, there is no way anybody learned enough to be in open water and you can and should absolutely blame your "failure to equalize on the instructors or the short time." I train with an SSI shop, not PADI, but I can't imagine that...
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    Is it time to kill DSDs and go back to the drawing board?

    I think I heard that story. Didn't that happen during a Discover Tech Diving?
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    Is it time to kill DSDs and go back to the drawing board?

    Yeah, what this guy said. One hundred times over. I'm a scientist. This article was drivel. No data, no citations, nothing to back up that "70% had an 'awful' experience" claim - "Here's a real life story from an urban dive store [that goes to another school across town - you've never been...
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    Hola from Iowa!

    Hello, @Cozluver and welcome to ScubaBoard from another Iowa diver. What part of Iowa are you in? Edit: Actually, I think I know who you are! New diver who just did checkouts in an Iowa quarry and recently came back from Cozumel. You were in my class in July, weren't you? :)
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    DIR- Generic wing accessory and scubapro buckle

    That notch on the buckle would make for a pretty ineffective and inconvenient bottle opener. The best I've been able to find, supposedly quoted from a Scubapro representative, is that the notch is a legacy design from the days before modern BCs when divers wore horse collars and strapped the...
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    Fiesta Americana heads-up

    I'm going to be there in late October, but my buddy said they told him it would be closed at least through the end of the year.
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    Fiesta Americana heads-up

    A friend who just took a trip to Fiesta Americana a week ago just confirmed that the beach area is still closed and they were taking a taxi to and from the marina.
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    New published paper on PFOs

    It's estimated that between 10-30% of the population has a PFO. For most of these people, it's a silent issue and never causes them any trouble and will never be noticed because you have to go looking for it to find it. The reason it is a concern for most people is because it allows deoxygenated...
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    Can I drink a few beers after diving?

    It might significantly raise your risk of DCS, ox tox, and doing something stupid on your next dive. Just make sure it's after your last dive of the day and don't over do it.
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    Hey Scuba Dudes & Dudettes CHECK OUT these new logbooks!!!!

    But John, that's... that's just a... a... a blank page... Oh, you mean with your book I can write whatever I want about my dives? Shut up and take my money! :spend:
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