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    Nexus Housing for Canon 5D Mk III with 170 dome port and extensions

    1.Nexus 5DMK3 Housing $2435 http://www.anthisnex...product_id=1354 2. Fisheye Port 170 FP170-6 $400 http://www.anthisnex...&product_id=111 3. Port Extension 15mm PE15-6 (For Tokina 10-17) $135 http://www.anthisnex...&product_id=124 4. Port Extension 60mm PE-60-6 (For Canon 17-40) $200...
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    Galapagos Sept 2015 with some Aerial footage as well

    Nice shots. Just curious, is there any requirement for a license to use your drone for shooting?
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    Socorro and El Niño

    I saw much more hammerheads and manta rays this year early spring at San Benedicto than my last trip there 2 years ago, it seems to be less affected by El Nino when compare with Cocos and Galapagos. I went to Cocos last year, water was very warm and saw less than 50 hammerheads in my entire trip.
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    Diving Spring of 2016

    Last time I went to Cabo san lucas in January there were quite a lot of Humpbacks. From January to early April there are quite a lot of them at Revillagigedo Islands but you will need a liveaboard.
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    Gopro or Rx100...

    I have a RX100 mark I and Gopro Hero 4 black and I found RX100 better in low light performance but footage from Gopro Hero 4 has higher resolution when there is enough light. A pair of Sola 1200 should be enough for murky water just to make sure that you point them at an angle outward to...
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    New Sony A7rII and RX100 IV

    Still no Manual White Balance in Movie mode and AF-C/MF only, it is not a really good dream :cool2:
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    New Fantasea Housing for the Sony RX100 Mark 4

    That new wide angle looks a bit too big for a compact system and it states that it is optimized for 28mm.
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    Anyone with experience in New Caledonia?

    Is it easy to see or shoot (photos) a dugong in New Caledonia? If yes what is the best season to see them? Thanks.
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    New Fantasea Housing for the Sony RX100 Mark 4

    Thanks. I am thinking if Nauticam will deploy the N50 port system on it which are currently using on LX100 and G7X.
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    New Fantasea Housing for the Sony RX100 Mark 4

    Thanks. Do you have any idea about other brands such as ikelite, sea&sea and recsea? Do they support the INON wide converter? I am thinking about cheaper alternatives to Nauticam.
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    New Fantasea Housing for the Sony RX100 Mark 4

    Can I use INON UWL-H100 28M67 with it?
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