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    For Sale ScubaPro Jet Fins and Deep 6 3mm boots

    They are mens boots. They person they were purchased for typically wears a size 11-11.5, and they are just a little bit too large for him. He thinks they are true to size.
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    SOLD!!! X-Deep Stealth Classic Sidemount Wing

    Selling a X-Deep Classic BC Wing for sidemount. Wing is used but is completely functional. No leaks and the inflator and dump valves work well. The bungee cord configured for mounting is still stretchy, but is looking a little faded in places so I'll include a length of new bungee cord for you...
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    For Sale ScubaPro Jet Fins and Deep 6 3mm boots

    After cleaning out the dive closet, I have a spare pair of boots and fins that need a new home. They weren't actually used together though and are different sizes. ScubaPro Jet Fins (white) - Size L - $70 shipped in the US. Purchased 1.5 years ago, and are lightly used. Mostly have been...
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    Diving South Caicos? Is it any good?

    I would be surprised if you could find a rental car on the island :wink:... That being said, if you could find a car (or if the resort has bicycles available), you could probably entertain yourself for a day exploring the island! It is quite flat and would be fun to explore by bike, though...
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    Diving South Caicos? Is it any good?

    I might be able to offer more specifics about diving in South Caicos! I spent a couple of years living and on working on the island at the school/research facility that's there! It has been 7 years since I was last there so I haven't visited East Bay resort since it has been open, but the...
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    SOLD!!! ScubaPro X-Tek or LiteHawk Weight Pouch System

    Selling a like-new set of ScubaPro quick-release weight pockets for 2" webbing. These are in excellent condition and were only used twice. Each pocket holds up to 12lbs. $90 OBO shipped anywhere in the US. Willing to ship internationally at your additional expense.
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    For Sale Deep Sea Supply unicorn set!

    If for some reason both of the other two fall through on the 17 I'll take it!
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    SOLD!!! Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BC - sized for a S/M user

    For sale is a complete Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe travel BC. Used twice, so it's in nearly perfect condition. It is a great BP/W style travel BC, and you have a lot of flexibility with how to configure it. It also comes completely apart for travel as seen in the pictures. This BC comes as a...
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