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    Looking for a Resort in Greece that offers diving?

    I am going to be in London at the end of August and was thinking about adding on a week and going to a great Resort in Greece. The “Resort” aspect is for my wife and the diving is for me. Any recommendations?? Thanks, Ken
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    Need help identifying Mares MR22 "version"

    How were you able to find out the year of manufacture from the serial number?? Thanks, Ken
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    iPhone housing or Point and Shoot?

    If for some reason your iPhone gets wet (which is very likely on a dive trip), you're in big trouble. Not only do you loose all of you dive pics, you loose all of your pics, your phone, your access to the internet, txt messaging, etc. Plus, unless you carry insurance, it could cost you $600+...
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    Scubapro Knighthawk Issue?

    Yes, I use the velcro but the velcro tie down is more at the shoulder level. It doesn't hold down the AIR2 which is more at stomach level. I think the hose is the right length and it doesn't seem like the hose is the reason for the AIR2 floating around. Ken
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    Scubapro Knighthawk Issue?

    I just started diving with the Scubapro Knighthawk and I have an issue that is more of an annoyance than a problem. When ever I go to look at my wrist dive computer that is on my left hand, I seem to always have the AIR2 in the way. I either need to shift the AIR2 so that my arm goes over or...
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    TG-4 Flash Compensation?

    Interesting article with amazing pictures! The reason people use strobes for underwater is to add additional "flash power". I guess I'm still thinking that upping the Flash Compensation to it's max is a good thing to add as much flash power from the camera as possible, regardless of whether...
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    TG-4 Flash Compensation?

    I just started diving with the TG-4 and the PT-056 housing without any strobes. One of the adjustments in the camera is Flash Compensation. You can adjust the flash output during underwater shooting. You can set a larger negative value (up to -2.0) to adjust darker, or a larger positive (up...
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    Cressi Giotto Battery Problems.

    If Cressi thinks that moisture leaked in, they will blame it on you and don't expect them to honor the warranty. As dmaiziuk said, they are not known for product support!
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    POLL: What was your first dive computer and would you buy it again?

    Cressi Sub-Edy II. I love the computer, I hate Cressi. Won't buy another computer from them. The software used to download your dives from the Dive Computer to you home computer is only Windows XP compatible. The company did nothing to update the software to newer versions of Windows. When...
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    O-ring Storage And Maintanance?

    I just purchased the Olympus TG-4 with the PT-056 Housing. I had my previous Canon setup for a lot of years. I've been searching through Scubaboard for posts on O-Rings and all of the threads seem very old. Are there any new thoughts on O-Ring storage and maintenance? 1) Should O-Rings be...
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    Olympus Tg-4 Or Sealife Micro 2.0 Comparison.

    I do not profess to be any kind of an expert. I'm just a diver who is looking for a new camera, just like you. I've been doing my research and have read a lot. Here is what I've gathered about the DC1400 vs the TG-4: 1) Sealife makes great cases, not great cameras. 2) DC1400 is Very easy to...
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    Olympus Tg-4 Or Sealife Micro 2.0 Comparison.

    I'm going through the same thought process on which camera to buy. One other thing to think about that nobody has mentioned is that the Micro has no internal flash at all. That means that you have no choice but to add a strobe in order to have any flash light at all. That wipes out the cost...
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    Point & Shoot? Thoughts On The Canon Powershot D30?

    I guess that fact that I received no responses from anyone is giving me my answer. I guess I will go in a different direction. Not sure what that is, but I will continue to research. I've always been a Canon guy, but the Olympus TG-4 seems to be the hot point & shoot right now. Any other...
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    Point & Shoot? Thoughts On The Canon Powershot D30?

    I am really a Point & Shoot guy. I just like to take pictures on my dives. I've rarely ever changed the setting on my camera from "auto" with the "underwater" setting. The most I ever do is post a few pics or videos on my Facebook page. I have been using a Canon S80 with the Canon housing for...
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