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    Aqualung regs...

    I have several older (barrel first stage) Titan LX's which have removable crowns, and several Apex (of various persuasion) with non-removable crown. In my opinion, in most cases, removable vs non-removable is a non issue, since it takes a very ham-handed "tech" to damage a crown.
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    Sherwood Regulator ID

    It is difficult to imagine a simpler and more reliable first stage, especially since they moved the bleed off of the piston.
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    My initial thoughts on my new compressor

    Interesting. I just replaced one of the capacitors in my MCH-6 at 97 hours. It melted and began smoking. Fortunately, there is not much to burn there except the foam pads which were the source of the smoke. I never run my unit for more than an hour at a time, and only fill tanks and not a bank.
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    Key West fatality - Florida

    Joe's Tug is a sunken 60' tug boat which lies in ~60 feet of water. I dived/taught on it many times in the early 90's before hurricane Georges trashed it. It was a very easy and fun dive which always had several resident critters. Even when it still had its superstructure, it was no more...
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    Ray Contrera

    Is Ray still in business? The phone number that I have gives a "no longer in service" message.
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    Replacing HP Hose O-Ring Lubricant

    Pressurize the rig, place it under water and look carefully. If you cannot tell where the bubbles are coming from, replace the o-ring (they are very cheap) and try again. HP hose bubbles look like those from an aquarium air stone.
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    Question regarding tank fills

    A local dive shop (now gone) which I frequented filled thousands of AL 80's a year. The fill pressure gauge had a black mark at 3400. All the tank monkeys had to do was fill to the line and tanks would cool to about 3000--no thinking involved.
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    Hose for BCD from Reg 1st - which length and material?

    I see absolutely no reason for a braided hose instead of rubber on a bcd inflator.
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    Tanks in pickup truck bed?

    I agree Brett. Butts toward the cab. Having said that, I spent about 16 years hauling about 20 tanks at a time piled and unsecured in the bed of a pickup. Never had a problem, but that was then. With the large numbers of inconsiderate and often just plain dangerous drivers we have in the Keys...
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    supple LP hose

    Years ago, I drank a bit of the Kool Aide and tried several of the braided hoses, including those by DGX. I have since gone back to rubber hoses.
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    Bent/Kinked Scubapro HP Hose

    A leaking HP hose is hardly life threatening, but I would probably replace it to forestall a possible annoyance.
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    Question for the Aqua Lung i3 owners - 'dump from any position'

    I disagree. A beginning diver needs to understand where the BC's air is located at any body orientation and which dump to use, and how to dump (and add) air in tiny increments so as to prevent the yo-yoing often seen with beginning divers. An experienced diver who understands these things can...
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    Aqualung reg problems

    We have 5 Titan LX's, 3-old style firsts (as old as 25 years) and 2 new style firsts. The get used hard here in the Keys where we do several dive trips a week from May thru September. Rinsing is minimal, usually consisting of a daily hose rinse and a very occasional soaking. On the boat, they...
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    My First Dive Computer...

    I believe it was 1989 when I bought my first dive computer--a Beuchat Aladin Pro. At the time I was doing a lot of deep air and it seemed to be a Godsend for deco times. But, for about a year I did not really trust it, and during hangs, I still checked tables for deco calculations.
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    Tank stickers / decals

    There is often a big difference between theory and practice.
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