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    Mares Diving, HEAD Watersports and SSI are looking for a few great people!

    Since you don't allow people to work remotely, is the work location Boca Raton?
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    Raja ampat Liveaboard

    Yes, switching from a domestic to international flight in a place like LAX is a bit of an adventure. Especially if the domestic flight arrives late. Good thing about LAX vs. some other hubs like Chicago, is that we almost never have delays due to bad weather. At this time, the terminals are...
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    Raja ampat Liveaboard

    Well, the answers to your questions fall deep into the "it depends" area. From Los Angeles, or any other US city, there are no direct flights to Jakarta so you'll probably go through Hong Kong or Tokyo. It's about 23 hours of flying to Sorong from LA. The key is to minimize your stay at airports...
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    Question Visual Inspection Expiration Date

    Yes, I have had a tank not be filled because the VIP was due that month. I was pretty surprised and assumed there was some rule that I didn't know about. Using my example (I'm the OP), this shop would say the tank was due for VIP on June 1st.
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    Question Visual Inspection Expiration Date

    If a tank was visually inspected on say June 15th and passed, does this visual inspection expire on June 1st or June 30th of the following year according to the rules?
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    Wondering where your stuff from overseas is? Shipaggedon!

    I live about 15 minutes from the Port of Los Angeles. One of the other issues is that the longshoremen are getting Covid and some have died. Their vaccination rate isn't that high.
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    Want to Buy Want to buy venture heat 2 xl to 3xl vest 40 watt

    Do you want me to ask Oscar to put you on the wait list? If yes, I'll need your contact info and vest size. Once they come in, a vest will be set aside for you and you'll be contacted. Therefore, you don't need to wait until they're listed on the web site. Also, anybody else reading this, let...
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    Want to Buy Want to buy venture heat 2 xl to 3xl vest 40 watt

    Just got a reply from Oscar at Venture Heat. Here's what he had to say regarding new features and availability: Hi Jeff, The redesign vest will be ready to ship to us at the end of October, we should receive stock by November. The redesign will have the same type of front and back heating...
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    Want to Buy Want to buy venture heat 2 xl to 3xl vest 40 watt

    No, but I'll send them an email and see what they say... if anything.
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    Want to Buy Want to buy venture heat 2 xl to 3xl vest 40 watt

    You may want to wait until this fall. They improved it over the summer and should be releasing the new version in 1-2 months.
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    For Sale Thermo 7/8" standalone valves

    Do you know if the valves have ever been serviced? Pictures?
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    JMJ custom wetsuit?

    Let us know when you come down to Torrance so we can do some diving. Conditions here are typically very good in late September and October.
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    Hello from Florida!

    Welcome to the club from southern California!
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    Question about Perdix and Transmitter Rubber O-rings

    For the transmitter's Viton high pressure o-ring, what durometer is recommended?
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    SoCal diving in June

    Thanks! From what I've read, they are much more prevalent to the far north of us.
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