Kain Harvey

Hi. My name is Kain Harvey. I am an Engineer, photographer, and diver from Tokyo, Japan. I got a PADI advanced diver license since 10 years ago. I dive for leisure only. I mainly dive in south east Asia countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

My favorite marine life is whale shark. In fact, I'm a big fan of sharks. I've already encountered a few of whale sharks already with my 100+ dives. My highest pride, I doubt many of yours already achieved this, is that I've already seen Reef sharks, Nurse sharks and a Ronin with my own eyes! I didn't know Ronins are such a rare encounters after diver leader told me that I was super lucky to see it after that night dive in Phuket. Too bad I haven't got my cameras those days. I was a teenager then. It was somewhere in the late 2000s.

Oh wait, so my dive experience is almost 10 years now. Time flows, huh. Well, those days were sweet, ain't it?

Life have to move on. My next ultimate goal is to see the Hammerheads and the great white, which I still haven't seen yet. My dive buddy, Yamada san from Yogohama, is not convinced to pat these friendly creatures. I have to say that they aren't hostile, but who knows. Still, I feel that I need to achieved it at some point of my life. Maybe I need to find another temporary buddy to visit shark sites. Looking forward to those chances.

If our path happen to come across each other, give me a High Five telling me you are from scubaboard. Nice to meet you guys.
Feb 9, 1990 (Age: 31)
Tokyo, Japan
Certification Agencies
# of dives
100 - 199
Dive Classification
Just An "Average" Diver
Years Certified
Ten Or More Years


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