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    Suit filed in case of "Girl dead, boy injured at Glacier National Park

    I'm still flipping through it, but is there a cliff notes on the amendments? Just the remarks about the other students still being issued certs for that dive? Edit: Looks like there a many additional facts listed out, but this one is pretty damning, irrespective of if the credentials had been...
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    Ratio ix3m Pro Tech+ - Table Top Review

    UPDATE: I only had to bump Ratio customer service one extra time to initiate the return, and there were no issues with getting the return started. I believe the fine print might have said they will deduct shipping cost when issuing the refund, plus I paid to ship it back (with insurance), so I...
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    Ratio ix3m Pro Tech+ - Table Top Review

    Conclusion I'm going to try to return it, if Ratio customer service ever gets back to me. I haven't really given much thought to the structure of this review, so please consider it more of a stream-of-consciousness from playing with the DC topside for a few days. Price: $999 from Ratio Note...
  4. iX3M NDL Dive Planner Fail

    iX3M NDL Dive Planner Fail

    None of the three NDL dive plans suggest the same NDL limit.
  5. iX3M NDL Dive Planner Fail

    iX3M NDL Dive Planner Fail

  6. iX3M NDL Dive Planner Fail

    iX3M NDL Dive Planner Fail

    Compare the total runtime for this dive with that of the next image
  7. iX3M vs Perdix Height

    iX3M vs Perdix Height

    The height is actually pretty comparable.
  8. iX3M vs Perdix width

    iX3M vs Perdix width

    The ratio is about a 1/4" wider
  9. Ratio vs Perdix Thickness

    Ratio vs Perdix Thickness

    The Perdix is actually "thicker" when measured from the display to the strap lug, but because it is contoured will protrude less on your arm
  10. iX3M and Perdix AI backside

    iX3M and Perdix AI backside

    Showing pressure sensor
  11. iX3M side

    iX3M side

    Showing multipurpose charge / accessory port
  12. iX3m Bottom

    iX3m Bottom

    The square buttons are allegedly only on the 2021+ versions. The spacing is such that I can use my 5mm wet gloves no problem.
  13. Ratio iX3M Photos

    Ratio iX3M Photos

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    Computers that DON’T revert to air setting

    Seac Action will keep mix between dives, and less than $400 USD. It also displays the mix right on the dive screen so you can quickly double check it. Honestly I hadn't even considered that a DC would reset mix between dives, but I suppose the average diver is more likely to exceed their NDL...
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    I got tinnitus it seems outta nowhere

    Yup, just the one frequency. 4,000 Hz. Not an MD, but my understanding is that the sensory hairs or your cochlea actually get damaged, and your brain fills in the missing information with ringing. So I would guess that only a certain range of my hairs got damaged, so my brain is only filling in...
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