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    Shark dive help needed -- without my DSLR and only 1 strobe

    suggest shooting raw and post process white balance during post, manual white balance at depth is a pain with Olympus cameras the limits are 1. g/n 20 (10 meters in theory) may not be enough, especially if you dont have a wide angle lens and your shooting too far from the subject 2. problem...
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    Photography with the Huawei P20 Pro and Weefine Dive Case

    hi everyone, just wanted to share was able to bring my Huawei P20 pro underwater thanks to the Weefine UW housing, after that weekend, I'm quite convinced using mobile phones for more serious underwater photography is plausible, here are some samples i've included a quick review about...
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    Ring Flash?

    mostly after the ring light reflecting on the eyes of the model :)
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    Ring Flash?

    Ring flash is great for easy, well lit macro photography...but great macro images is about light and shadow play which adds depth and drama to your image. If its just ring flash, just use a strong torch and play angles with it photography is not about shooting subjects, its about capturing...
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    Dive Photos that Sell!?

    this is fact :)
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    Dive Photos that Sell!?

    with the advent of digital, anyone can shoot their own photos or videos been trying to monetize photography and videography for the past 7 years, its very humbling, plus the competition out there, and those with means just do it/ give a way for free (you always meet one on a dive trip) just so...
  7. Adobe PS Basic

    Adobe PS Basic

    bring out colors on shots with no strobe
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    Tubbataha video on a pre loved Canon 5Dmk2

    recently purchased a pre owned mk2+15mm and played with the video much. Despite its age, it still churns out great reels. Quite noisy during low light (coron kokuzuna maru shots) but overall, still an awesome cam for video. Do select hd on bottom right corner, settings icon (ist) of pop up menu...
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    Tubbataha transition trip video aboard Oceana Marina

    was fortunate enough to find a slot in this fine fine boat- Oceana Maria Scuba | Dive Liveaboard Philippines | Tubbataha, Apo Reef, Pescador. thanks to boljakool here is a post trip video of the trip IUvDOedKpgk lots of special finds like hammies, guitar fish and a last day appearance of a...
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    Olympus XZ1 Sucks...

    video is only good till 10 mtrs on a sunny day. it has terrible video iq, focus issues at depths...white balance is a pain... its definitely camera error..missed a lot of shots too at 30m in recent trip to malapascua when i had other cam serviced. forget getting good video with this cam...same...
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    over-under shots with OMD ,How can I do it?

    bigger dome, easier half half :) in three years shooting, must pay the price for images you want (added baggage budget airlines) An 8 will do over under in bad swells
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    Olympus XZ1 Sucks...

    hi Sipadiver... heres my oly xz1 set on flickr, contains all settings/ exif of photos bottom right (flickr recently revised location of exif from top right) with many 2013 recent shots Olympus xz1 - a set on Flickr. using this compact for 2 years, i find it now a bit too sharp and has too...
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    Rates for locals different?

    chief, maybe, maybe not....its a business, of course there is always the published rate and maybe lower rate for preferred, returning guests. try , check out his site, local instructor, am sure he provides same rates whether local or foreigner cheers
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    Ideas for PI with a non diver : Dauin, Anilao, etc.

    yes that was me, I kinda help bring guests to their resort now dude, was there any incident reported lately? We're even building an artificial reef to the left before bubbles. just to share we're not just blowing bubbles, you need a video Centrals? also dude was divesite... not divesites Back...
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    Ideas for PI with a non diver : Dauin, Anilao, etc.

    Hi Luko, if its Anilao (since you've pretty much dived around visayas region), you may try Sea Spring Resort. It has 2 huge pools and Hot spring facilities, and pricing is quite reasonable. I've been bringing my foreigner friends a lot over in that resort and they love the space, huge rooms...
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