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    Current bottom temps at Anilao (say 30m)

    25 degrees C at the moment
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    CoronaVirus Dilemma

    Travel ban has been extended a month. There aren new cases in the Philippines, just as likely any country gets infected. The fear of the virus is really affecting the dive industry over here, also how a lot of business rely on divers from China, not just the Chinese but the expats living there...
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    Saltitude Resort prices - Anilao

    Anilao generally prices so differently due to the way how it started, as a weekend dive hub for the local Manila crowd, and not for foreign guests. So many resorts don't even have any dive staff on salary, it's just dial a boat, dial a spotter (don't get confused with dm, most 'guides' in Anilao...
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    Water Temp In Anilao?

    Around 25 degrees at the moment, usually starts warming at the end of the month. You can get an unlucky thermocline that can get as low as 22. All the critters are out though. Jon
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    Davinci Resolve for Underwater Videographers - Free YouTube Series

    Thank for the feedback. With regards to the scopes, it does work well as long as you have some blacks and whites in the shot, because these are normally at the darkest points and highest points. In some shots it doesn't work and you have to adjust it using your eye, or grade it to a different...
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    Davinci Resolve for Underwater Videographers - Free YouTube Series

    Davinchi Resolve for Underwater Videographers - Titles and Exporting Jon
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    Davinci Resolve for Underwater Videographers - Free YouTube Series

    Hey Guys I made a series to try and get people into more Video Editing, as so few people seem to do it compared to photography. I tried to make it as easy and quick as possible not to bore people and show people the basics. I would love to get some feedback on it, wondering if I should continue...
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    Anilao vs Moalboal in January for Marine Life / Temp

    Our old resort was in PG so used to do weekly trips to Verde. Now based in Anilao, we've done one in the last year, but it really is too far I find, we could offer it, but the boats are crazily expensive and its about a 1.5h to 2h trip, depending on conditions, and better to bring two boats for...
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    Typhoon Kammuri

    Anilao was mostly protected from the storms. We had a boat damaged, as did a few others. It looked like it was going to be a direct hit but then went further south towards Mindoro. From my friends in PG, seems like they were all fine and diving was going out the next day. Anilao is the same...
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    January Weather / Water Temp... Anilao / PG vs elsewhere in Phil

    Heya Jon from Blue Ribbon Dive Resort in Anilao here. I was in PG for 9 years before I moved to Anilao. Both areas are about the same. The water temperature is probably around 25 degrees, yet it can sometimes drop a few more degrees if you are unlucky. The thing is, this is the best time for...
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    Transfers from Manilla to Blue Ribbon Resort

    Have fun on your holiday wherever you end up
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    Transfers from Manilla to Blue Ribbon Resort

    No problem Ardy, bit I think you misunderstood one thing. It's a 6 hour round trip for our driver. It's three hours one way usually, or two hours at crazy early hours in the morning
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    Transfers from Manilla to Blue Ribbon Resort

    Hi Ardy Jon, the owner of Blue Ribbon here. It's a 240km round trip, with tolls along the way and in bad traffic can take more than 6 hours. It is the going rate around the area, as you are looking at around 1000 pesos fuel, 1000 pesos for the driver, just under 1000 pesos on tolls, then car...
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    Booking combo packages using

    Book through the resort. PADI travel take huge commissions, more than any dive agent. Email the company and mention you saw on PADI travel and could you get a discount. I have a resort elsewhere in the Philippines and sell on PADI travel also but prefer direct bookings and give discounts...
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    Brand new to Philippines diving, where to go in July near Manila?

    Slight self promotion here, but you can check out our reviews on tripadvisor or our website We are one of the only resorts in Anilao that actually just charges a set rate for single divers, with no hidden extras or charges, including on the rooms. Hope this isn't too...
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