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    Best method to display photos

    +4 for metal prints. It's just the way the image "jumps" off the metal. Usually do 20x24" . Even non-divers who have no idea what the animal is called in the image say "That's a great shot" for me. Upload & arrives 2 days later. Their shipping/packaging material are bullet proof.
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    Question Owners/Operators - What dive scheduling software do you use?

    I primarily dive West Palm Bch & Jupiter, but anywhere in Florida including springs is fine. I dive both charters & private boats 50/50 and about 50-60 trips per year. I'm 100% picking charters based on the day and not the dive site. My decision tree starts with 1) Wave height & wind speed...
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    Question Owners/Operators - What dive scheduling software do you use?

    Several Florida(+) shops also use Scubaocity It's developed by Gary the owner at Conch Republic Divers in the keys. {Maybe @Wookie can post is SB username? } I've used Fareharbor alot also and I like both software user pages, but I don't know how they they "hook?" into the shop...
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    An Actual (Shore) Dive Report

    Great pictures and topside looked flat! Are these sand dollars in your picture? I don't think we get them here in WPB/JUP.
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    What glue to use for magnifier lens

    @Jake 10 ,,,,I think you were asking me a similar question about application For the Loctite Glass Glue I use 2 drops and pressed down on the glass circle hard to squeeze out any air bubbles. I then used ~6 wooden toothpicks to smooth and remove any excess glue around the edge of the circle...
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    Black Friday Sales

    If that was the ML size and you don't like it,,,let me know.
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    What glue to use for magnifier lens

    This is what I use & it's crystal clear and holds great. You can see in this picture the tiny glass circle lens. Like everything in life,,,pre-preparation cleaning is the key to survival. Make sure the flat side goes against the lens on the inside.
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    Backup Regulator Necklace Hose Routing

    {my 2 cents} I use it for my drysuit inflator hose to stay tight to my body and out of the way.
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    Yet Another Cylinder Rack

    The cutouts look nice and professional. Great job !!
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    Info What I do with my keys when I shore dive?

    Way too many serious solutions given here. Since I've dove with @Manatee Diver before, I know he likes creative thinking. That's why I suggest he leave his car keys right in front of his car on the ground. And then cover them with the $8 fake Dog Doo Doo to hide them. No one will dare touch...
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    Islamorada Vacation

    Islamorada >> Last week of June. Rain will have let up which means good top to bottom viz. Light winds have usually settled into the slow summer pace meaning calm conditions and rarely blown out missing dive days. Currents are usually mild enough to do the good wrecks like Duane & Bib. Hotel...
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    Using RunCam 5 or hero session underwater

    I don't do color correction either. What you see in the video is what you get. The image stabilization is very good and smooth. There's a ton of features like wifi, blue tooth, 2 batteries & they even give you a tiny remote control. Has 12 different mounts and just like GoPro. I learned about it...
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    Using RunCam 5 or hero session underwater

    That tiny cam is primarily for Drone use due to it's light weight. It's lens is setup for shots at a thousand feet in the distance instead of the normal 5-20ft that we divers shoot at underwater. It also doesn't have the underwater color correction to help out the Red & green colors we see...
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    Seen hanging out with Spanish grunts under the Frederiksted Pier USVI

    It's a wait But more than likely it's really called a ' Cottonwick'
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    Dive Xtras CudaX

    From all the "power tool battery" scooter types,,,,,I'd think the long range cave explorers would love if they could do underwater 'battery swaps". In theory >> couldn't you just leave another set of batteries next to your extended range bottle drops at the pre-stage points ??
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