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    Colorado Dive Show

    I was there on Saturday - spent most of my time at the Scubaboard booth... all my buddies who I'm trying to make into Scuba Buddies stood me up.
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    Just how important is Navigation to the Recreational Diver

    Basic concept in this PDF, it seems the website is down:
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    Just how important is Navigation to the Recreational Diver

    I think most of the arguments here are about as an alternative navigation tool - it should be thought of as a COMPLEMENT to all your advanced training as a diver. Anything that can add to a divers safety would be a plus too, dontcha think? Then there's the fun aspect - geocaching underwater...
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    Dangerous Hurricane Dean

    First thing that came to mind was Dennis, aka "Pez de Diablo" here on SB - anyone heard from him lately? His last post was back in Dec. 06. Hope everyone is battened down and safe through this!
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    A Dream Has Come True For AquaMan

    Congrats Matt! Just finished watching the segment on the Today show. You're kinda like a test pilot, you know... testing unknown systems, experiencing a new world. Reminds me alot of the astronaut's stories - you're a PIONEER! Hope this opens up a lot of possibilities for you and many...
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    Matt Johnson/Today Show

    I just finished watching it here in the Midwest - good segment! Congratulations Matt! I'm headed to the other forums to see that you logged your bottom time! :) One of the first thoughts in my mind was that you are a pioneer, and may open up the beautiful underwater world to so many more...
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    Underwater GPS

    I love all the ideas expressed here - lately I've been using GPS at work and it's starting to give me ideas for more practical applications for divers. When I've really thought them out, I'll share them here. I also plan on using my contacts with the GPS industry support folks to ask them...
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    Has Anyone been to Oronogo lately?

    If I can ever get my act together... I'd like to do Oronogo next summer! Didn't know about caverns or instruction there! Oh boy!
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    Hello---moving into the area soon

    Welcome to the Big Red One soldier! Hooooahhhh! Most of the semi-decent places to dive around here are in the southern part of Missouri on the MO-AR border area - Table Rock, Bull Shoals. IF you fine some good diving in Kansas let us know! (Reminds me of the "Ski Kansas" posters of the...
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    yeah, we're all wondering - but they may not have internet connectivity... let's hope for the best and some news soon!
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    Akumal - wetsuit and other questions

    Dennis, Hope you guys are hunkered down, somewhere high and safe from the weather. Give us a report as soon as you can, let us know you're alright and your family is safe! Oh, and when I come down to dive w/you, I'll bring my 3mm full suit!
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    Project Aware 2005

    Hi guys! I'm really gonna try to make it this year!
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    Clearwater Lake Mo.

    Where is that Greg? I'll ask around, but I haven't heard of Clearwater before.
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    Bizarro thread... Snoring....

    Another CPAP user here - could never figure out why I felt like crap all the time, even after a full night's sleep. I wasn't a big snorer - but I was literally stopping breathing in the middle of the night! My brain would send the alert out, and my body would jerk itself awake. I'm much...
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    Kinda like swing dancin' in a phone booth, huh? LOL Anyone getting into "dive-yakking" should check out Jim Spears' site: Lots of good tips there, and things he's learned from trial and error. Hey there Floridawannabe! Welcome to SB! Come...
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