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    WaterProof D1 Hybrid Drysuit.

    Use the BCD for buoyancy-control, and only put enough gas in the suit to keep it comfortable (no squeeze, and warm enough) Keep your suit exhaust all the way open, and make sure you dump air as you ascend, from both the suit and the BCD.
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    Whites Fusion Drysuit - Choice of Tech skin vs Sport skin?

    I don´t know any numbers, but it is very light. At least until it is wet...:)
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    Light Fins for Travel

    Well, I haven´t taken a fundies class, but doesn´t it mainly consist of hovering a foot above the bottom, while doing different drills? I think I could do that without fins. I can certainly swim backwards without fins! In a drysuit! Swimming with a pair of underperforming fins is probably good...
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    Light Fins for Travel

    Well, it may very well be, however, the core of the problem is the shape/area of the blade. When kicking very calmly (where the stiffness of the fin does not really matter) I did not get any sensible propulsion. And when increasing my effort it hardly gave any more speed (it did not feel as if...
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    Light Fins for Travel

    I haven´t tried the F2, but I have tried the Mantaray, and they did not give proper propulsion. I had to use my arms to make any useful progress... The Aeris/Oceanic Accel on the other hand, gives very close to the power of a Jet-fin, although it is a lot easier to kick.
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    Traveling with rebreather

    Rebreather friendly: Nope Have Tanks: Nope Airlines OK: Nope However, if you check beforehand with the dive-centers, and mainly concentrate your effort with those that offer technical diving, you may get lucky. Remember, some centres will lie to you to get you in a sticky situation. Been...
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    Did a dive on Hollis Explorer today

    How would it react if you added offboard O2 via a needle-valve? I guess it would stop injecting as long as the PO2 was high enough. And if you close the needle-valve, it would resume injecting as the PO2 comes down again. That would make it a mCCR/eSCR-clone, that I think would give you the...
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    Tips for chasing down trilam drysuit seam leaks

    To seal the seams, use Tec7 (other types of silicone I have found does not work as well) Wipe down the area you are going to seal with some cotol. Tape you can rub down a bit with fine sandpaper.Put a stripe of Tec7 over the seam/tape that you want to seal off (on the inside of the suit), put...
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    Poseidon xstream mk3

    If you can test a set first, I would do that, as the way they deliver air is a bit "special". The cracking-pressure is a bit high, but when it starts delivering, you will feel a bit like a hamster...
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    Poseidon xstream mk3

    I had a dst, but it was almost always leaking a tiny bit through the turret joint. never had any issues with the mk25s though. They have not been served for in two and three years, but still working perfectly.
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    Poseidon xstream mk3

    Why change something that works? I had the old deep 180, and while they were quality regulators, they were not right for me. What I really hated about them was the flow of exhaled air, annoying enough while diving normally, but extremely uncomfortable if you are diving without a mask in really...
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    Halcyon Eclipse with Air2 set-up

    Use pieces of bicycle-hose around the left shoulder webbing, and thread the corrugated hose through the upper one (to keep it in place, and only the inflator-hose through the lower ones, to make sure you can move the air2 easily to your mouth, without too much resistance (the inflatorhose will...
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    Dry suit for stocky build

    Well, I have wide shoulders too, but I did not have any problems getting through the opening. However I had the 4XL. So, your issue is probably as simple as you just trying on a suit that is too small for you. If you are having issues with the suit bunching up, inflate the suit, move around a...
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    Dry suit for stocky build

    I am probably the stockiest person out there. 169cm, and 116kgs, and I fit very well in my Whites fusion. (4xl if I am not very mistaken) Anyway, the Fusion bunched up a bit for me as well, but the solution is just to inflate it, move around a little bit, and then release the air, and the suit...
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    Buying a new BCD

    Well, he earns his money by selling it. A proper backplate and wing solution is the way to go. This is my favorite single-tank rig: The only issue may be that it is a bit marginal in lift for new divers (but perfect for me)
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