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    fatality o2 tank

    I can’t help but wonder if stupid is the correct term here. I think ignorance may be the key, this guy might’ve never been around cylinders and oblivious to the impact it can have especially O2. Who knows what his motive was but a seriously bad outcome, condolences to his family
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    World’s deepest indoor dive pool open in Dubai

    Interesting, I would have thought that there is something similar the USA seeing Europe has several, Belgium has a 33m (100ft) one and Italy an 42m (138ft)one and Poland opened a 45m (148 ft) one last year. Isn’t there one where they also simulate space and do some training for NASA at? Maybe...
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    World’s deepest indoor dive pool open in Dubai

    Any of you guys in the UAE planning to visit this anytime soon? As I understand the first month is by invitation only and thereafter it’ll be open to the general public. Would like to get some feedback on this. World's Deepest Indoor Pool Opens At Deep Dive Dubai | Scuba Diver Mag
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    Scuba Diver Out of Air and Emergency Ascent - Buddy failure

    Couple of years ago (then only an adv open water diver) I was on a charter boat diving with a group of people I've never met before. My assigned buddy was not really a good dive buddy to say the least. We we're at 35m and started to slowly level up to ascend and I started getting low on air, I...
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    Dive gear express double braided hoses? Impressions?

    Been using 6" HP DGX braided hose on my stage and bailout cylinders connected to my SPG's and haven't had a days trouble in 3 years over 200 or so dives.
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    Hood vs earplugs for preventing infections

    And me. Been having issues for years. This is from my personal experience. Started using the pro-ear mask when I saw a guy with it and he explained that it's to keep his ears dry due to risk of infections he tend to have. I've had much the same, 3-4 dives and I'll have clogged ears followed by...
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    Nudibranch Lovers

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    Overweight Newbie Gear Question

    Welcome to the world of nothing fits right, if it's wide enough it's too long, if it's long enough it's too tight, no one cares for us + sized people in this modern world it seems. I'm 6'2" and 270 and living the struggle just like the rest of us bigger happier people. Anyhow, as mentioned...
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    Pinnacle inferno v skin??

    Did you get the Inferno or did you go with something else? I also need a thin under / mid isolator for my Blackice suit. I bought some Underarnour garments but it feels bulky under the suit. What's your felling about it if you have, I'm also a big man, 6'2" 270. Guess king 2 is what I need to...
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    Mares Regulator

    You can trust them, robust and work of breath is fantastic if set right. I dive the Abyss/ MR 22 singles and the MR52 1st with MR22 second for my twins. My son dives the Rover (jr limited to 18m so doesn't really need a balanced 1st yet). I also have Scubapro, Apeks and Hollis and honestly I...
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    Nanight lights?

    Got my Nanight Tech 2 delivered on Saturday, isn't that just dandy, the afternoon after the weekend's dive (typical of my luck). I have to say the build quality looks awesome, it's bright on the surface and cannot wait to get this guy in the water this coming weekend, obviously it just turned...
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    Drysuit issues in my shoulder all of a sudden

    You and me both hahahaha. I'm preparing for a trip end of July in cold water and started to get my stuff sorted. I got kind off stuck in my suit trying to get out of it when I was being clever and only donned to top part of a diagonal front zip suit. I actually ended up tearing the silicone cuff...
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    accident statistic for Mares Horizon

    Your post is not very clear, however from what I've seen from the Horizon, is that it functions a lot like the old Hollis Explorer i.e. it's fed from a pre-determined nitrox mix that you calculate according to your m.o.d, something everyone learns in their nitrox class. If what you refer to as...
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    There are still large surprises to be found!

    Sad to read the number quoted of the remaining blue's in the southern hemisphere, we are really killing our planet. It is encouraging that there are still some undetected species around and it's exiting to think the oceans have far more surprises in them.
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    Trip Report Egypt - BD (almost E) - Emperor Elite

    I think they gave you a S100 cylinder (13 liter aluminum). They must be the most horrible cylinders to dive with i.m.o., extremely heavy to start with and become incredibly buoyant when empty, they have the worst swing in characteristics I have ever experienced in a dive cylinder. My experience...
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